Naked Wedding Cake

Naked Wedding Cake

I have vowed never to do another wedding cake, but apparently, I can’t say no. This cute girl Randie asked me to make her a Naked Wedding Cake. I decided I couldn’t say no because she’s so great!

Naked Wedding Cake

I thought to my self how hard can it be to make a half frosted cake? Well, it’s a lot harder than it works, I gathered all the information I could from friends and family, and then I practiced once on my mother-in-law’s birthday cake. With some serious help from Matt, it turned out pretty good.

Randie text me a few months ago and asked for a pink Naked Wedding Cake. If you can’t tell I lightly tinted it with rose pink. She is perfectly herself, with her matching pink wedding dress and beautiful theme and decor. I love her style and have ever since I had her in class. This cake was fun and not too complicated! Matt and I learned a few tricks. First I made half butter, half Crisco vanilla frosting, which kept the frosting from being too soft. 



Second, on our Naked cake journey, we learned that the lazy susan is a must-have staple when frosting a cake. Any cake is made easier with a lazy susan.

Third, when you are smoothing the cake, to make it perfect Matt boiled water dipped in the frosting knife wiped the water off, and let the heat smooth the frosting. 

Lastly, traveling with a wedding cake is literally the most stressful thing in America. We only had to go 1.5 miles but it felt like Matt hit every bump on the way there. The cake slid on the stand 2 full inches and I almost lost it! Especially when he started to laugh at me. The photo below shows before we left.


5 thoughts on “Naked Wedding Cake”

  1. I think it looks nice too. To think we are programmed to think we need frosting and then more frosting. Hmm I wonder how many calories were saved on is ake alone?

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