12 Things Girls Need For PE teacher approved

12 Things Girls Need For PE teacher approved

12 Things Girls Need For PE teacher approved! With school starting, we are all scrambling around making sure we have all the school supplies that are kiddos need but sometimes we forget about PE class.

My cute Cassie has been a high school PE teacher for about 7 years and she is always amazed at what the girl’s ask for when come to class. The girls just think that she has all the supplies in her office. Since she is an expert she made these cute little totes for the girls in her ward, filled with the 12 things girls need for PE (PE teacher approved)!


12 things girls need for pe1


The funny thing is that I have 4 daughters and I have never thought about making sure their PE locker was filled with supplies and when she gave me this list, it all made sense. I will be making these for my own 2 girls!


12 things girls need for pe

Top 12 Things:







Water Bottles

Hair Ties

Bobby pins


Food (granola bar)

Bonus Items:

Dryer sheets ( for static for clothes or ever their hair)

Cough Drops

Comb or Brush

Hair Spray

Face Wipes

12 things girls need for pe2

Most of the supplies can be picked up at your local Dollar Store and you can make your daughter’s life so much easier because she is so prepared! Thanks, Cassie for helping me with my post!



5 thoughts on “12 Things Girls Need For PE teacher approved”

  1. What a cute and clever idea! My daughter is a cheer coach and always has a big bag of supplies with her – teens have a lot of “emergencies” : ) Visiting from Imparting Grace today.

  2. Oh just reading this post brough back the dread of a PE class – sorry – I hated PE at school. So glad those days are over. I was never that organised at school so that’s a great little list to have. #twinklytuesday

  3. This is such a helpful checklist! We’re so glad you shared 12 Things Girls Need For PE (PE teacher approved) on the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing!

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