Fun Water Bombs

Water Bombs

Water Bombs are the best! Cheap, fast, and tons of fun!


Water Bombs


It’s summertime and the weather is hot! Matt and I took a little trip down south to see Jessica and her adorable kids! Her kids are the best, I may be a little biased, but they are adorable. They can get us to do about anything. They wanted a water fight so Matt and I went to the dollar store and bought these sponges and some string.



Spent $7 dollars and were able to make 8 sponge bombs. Perks of the water bomb versus those sponge balls: first they are different so that’s fun, second they hold more water, third they don’t hurt that bad.

First, you want to cut the sponges long ways into 4 different strips. The thinner strips make it easier to tie together.




Next, we grabbed 9 strips and tied them together. The string up top that Matt insisted that we buy broke, so we used yarn that Jess had at the house. Also, rubber bands work amazingly, but the dollar store in Cedar City didn’t have any that day. We tied them together first and then in between them to make them poof out.



Then you get something like the picture below.



Dip them in water and then go! The kids loved these they had a ton of fun.



3 thoughts on “Fun Water Bombs”

  1. These look like tons of fun and safer than some other water toys. I have a 2 year old and I don’t like her throwing things but I can see myself allowing her to throw this around.

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