Easy DIY Summer Tote

DIY Summer Tote! My girls are loving this weather! Almost every day they are going swimming or going to the reservoir.  They always need some kind of bag to carry all their gear and look cool doing it, and we found a cute way of doing that, the DIY Summer tote!


DIY Summer Tote


All you need is an old T-shirt or go to Walmart and pick a cheap one. I bought my tank top in the men’s section and got an x large. Now all you need is scissors!


summer tote


Turn your shirt inside out. Cut out the neck of the shirt evenly to make the opening of your tote. If you are using a T shirt, cut out the sleeves for the handles.


summer tote1


Using the scissors, cut the bottom of the shirt into even strips.


summer tote2


Now take each strip individually, from both sides, and tie them into knots. Continue this process until all the strips have been tied.


summer tote3


It will look like the picture below. Turn it right side out and there you go, you’re ready to hit the water! I also thought it would be cute to leave it, just like that with the tassels showing, but you do what floats your boat!


summer tote4


This little cutie is a pretty sturdy bag and goes together in minutes! It would be a great craft to do with your kids or any church activity with the youth.


summer tote5


 Now all you have to is pack your sunscreen and some cool shades!


diy summer tote collage




summer tote8 




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  1. I am so delighted that you shared this fun and easy DIY upcycled Summer Tote at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! Iā€™m Pinning and sharing this!

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