Fun Squirt Gun Painting Tutorial

Squirt Gun Painting Tutorial

Squirt gun painting is fun for kids and parents! Create artwork for your walls or just for fun with this quick Squirt Gun Painting tutorial!


Squirt-gun -painting-tutorial


We had so much fun at cousin camp this week! One of the best things we did was Squirt Gun painting. It’s super easy to do and all the kids and adults loved it! It would be fun to do this on heavier paper and frame them if you wanted some inexpensive artwork for your home!

Here’s what we did to make it as mess-free as possible.

First, start by finding some stakes. Tie some string around them and use it to support the paper. Paper clips, clothespins, or these hair clips will help you hang and support your canvas. 

Squirt-gun-painting (7)



We supported ours on the top and bottom because it was a little windy.



Squirt-gun-painting (6)



I used some plastic cups to thin the paint out a little with water. I didn’t want it to get clogged up in the nozzle. I used one part water, one part paint.


Squirt-gun-painting (4)



Make sure you use washable paint because someone will probably decide to squirt their friend with paint! We used these Sargent Art-Time Washable Tempera Paints. I chose five colors and bought 5 squirt guns from the Dollar Store. It would be great if your squirt guns matched the paint colors you chose, but ours didn’t and it was still fun!


Squirt-gun-painting (3)


We used a disposable Wilton piping bag and a small round cake decorating tip to help us funnel the paint into the small hole on the guns. You’ll need two people for this, one to support the squirt gun and the piping bag, and the other one to pour into the gun. Pour over the sink to avoid a mess!





Now let the kids squirt away!! Our paper was a little thin, and it came close to ripping when the kids soaked it with paint. I would suggest using card stock!


Squirt-gun-painting (1)


Let the artwork dry before moving it and you’ll have some cool streaks!



Squirt-gun-painting (11)

What’s your favorite art project?








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  1. What fun! I am so glad that you shared Squirt Gun Painting Tutorial at the Healthy Happy Green & Natural Party!Thank you so much for sharing your healthy, natural gems and for your support! Pinning and sharing! All the best, Deborah

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