Rustic Mountain Modern Mudroom Reveal

Rustic Mountain Modern Mudroom Reveal

Rustic Mountain Modern Mudroom Reveal

Yes, my husband is amazing. He came up with this design, cut, sanded, welded, and screwed it all together. I absolutely love it! It was a little hard to get good photos because it is in such a skinny, dark hallway, so they may look a little crazy with my wide angle lens on, but you get the gist. I love having everything organized, and I love that it is unique and artistic looking.

Rustic Mountain Modern Mudroom Reveal

This barn door, near our front entry, opens to a hallway that leads to the garage entry. It is nice because either way you enter the house, you have access to the mudroom. The barn door looks amazing, and allows us to hide the mudroom from visitors. 




I got the crates at Joanne’s craft store and my husband Ben got the wheels at Home Depot. We stained the crates with a Walnut wood stain.


We got the hooks from Rustica Hardware, (the same place we got our Barn Doors) They look amazing and are super sturdy. You can’t get something like these at just any hardware store! (No, the metal and wood isn’t curved! I had to use a wide angle lens to get a photo in such a skinny hallway!)

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9 thoughts on “Rustic Mountain Modern Mudroom Reveal”

  1. I love this! Especially the barn door. Classy and rustic at the same time. I have wanted to try building a barn door to hide our living room built ins. I would be thrilled if mine looked like this when I was done!!

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