Easy DIY Big Brother Shirt

Easy DIY Big Brother Shirt

Easy DIY Big Brother Shirt! I was super excited to take a picture like this when we first found out I was pregnant, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a personalized shirt so I decided to go for the DIY route.
I’m actually not all that crafty though *gasp!!* so I wanted to figure something out that wasn’t too tricky. This was the perfect option!
Easy DIY Big Brother Shirt

Easy DIY Big Brother Shirt


1. Print out of what you want the shirt to say
2. White shirt
3. Fabric marker
4. Clothes pins


1. Clip your printed paper to the shirt so that the words can be seen through. (Your first step might be to iron the shirt. Clearly I missed how wrinkly it was…)

2. Use the fabric marker to trace the letters onto the shirt. Be sure the shirt is pulled tight!
Walla!! You have a cute shirt! It has been washed several times and the marker still looks great!

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