Cute DIY Wooden Nativity

DIY Wooden Nativity

DIY Wooden Nativity! Here’s another simple but super cute Christmas craft for you! It’s very similar to the Snowmen one I posted yesterday. Either of these would make a super easy neighbor gift if you’re a quick crafter!
DIY Wooden Nativity

DIY Wooden Nativity


3 pieces of wood cut to varying lengths. (ours are 5″, 4″ and 2 1/2″, and the baby Jesus is a lot skinnier than Mary and Joseph)
Blue, Green, White, and Nude Paint
Wooden Spheres
Hot glue gun


1. Sand your wood pieces to your desired smoothness.
2. Paint each wood piece the desired color.
3. While the paint dries, cut your burlap and twine to the desired size.
4. Once the paint is dry, glue on the spheres and burlap.
6. Glue baby Jesus to Mary and Joseph and then wrap with the twine.



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