DIY Snowman Family

DIY Snowman Family!

DIY Snowman Family

Last year my mom, sister, and I wanted to have a girls night and make a Christmas craft and this is what we made! I think they are adorable, and so does my two year old. Well… he also likes to throw them. 😉 They were super simple, and a great craft if you want to chat while making it.


DIY Snowman Family


3 pieces of wood cut to varying lengths. (ours are 5″, 3″ and 1 1/2″)
White, black, and orange paint
Red & Green Felt
Ribbon/String (for the hats)
Hot glue gun


1. Sand your wood pieces to your desired smoothness.
2. Paint the wood white.
3. While the paint dries, cut long strips of felt for your scarves, and square pieces for your hats.
4. Cut and paint your toothpick noses.
5. Once the paint is dry, put on your eyes and noses.
6. Glue on your scarves and hats.



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