Disney’s Cars Birthday Invite

Disney’s Cars Birthday Invite!

Disney's Cars Birthday Invite


My little babe is two!! He is obsessed with Cars so of course, I gave him a cars themed birthday. I wanted to keep it low-key since he’s only two, and it was so close to Christmas. I created this invitation in Illustrator and then rather than print it out, just emailed it to myself and texted it to the party people!

In the morning I invited some of the moms and tots that we regularly play date with, and we just had a regular play date spiced up with cake and ice cream. It was simple for me and fun for the kids who still aren’t ready for organized games yet.

In the evening both grandparents and aunts and uncles from both sides came over and spoiled Cooper to the max with gifts galore! It was super fun to watch him open all the presents, and it was low-key for me to just get together with everyone and eat cake and ice cream.


Disney's Cars Birthday Invite


Disney’s Cars Birthday Invite


I got the invitation design idea from an Etsy vendor called Announcing You, so if making invitations isn’t really you’re thing check them out! They have a ton of different designs that I love, the one above included.

I got the awesome Lightning McQueen Vector from Vecteezy for FREE!! A vector is way better than clipart if you’ve never used one before! You can resize it, and change the colors and other attributes on it if you need to.

Good luck planning your next birthday party!!



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