DIY Snowman Bath Toy

DIY Snowman Bath Toy

DIY Snowman Bath Toy! Do you want to build a snowman? My friend Ashlee gave my two-year-old this for Christmas as a gift from her son and isn’t it the cutest?! I think it is so creative! Cooper loves it because it floats AND sticks to the walls. I don’t think he really gets what a snowman is yet but he still loves playing with it. 
DIY Snowman Bath Toy
The snowman is basically just made out of craft foam sheets cut into various shapes. Then she drew the nose and mouth on with a permanent marker. I bet it got a bit tedious cutting out all the pieces, but overall it is a pretty simple, inexpensive DIY craft that kids will actually love!


This concept could easily be made into all sorts of bath toys. I even had big ambitions of making little “car” bath toys as party favors for Cooper’s Cars-themed birthday party, but when all was said and done it didn’t make the cut. Maybe next year… 😉

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