Easy DIY Rustic Industrial Photo Frame

DIY Rustic Industrial Photo Frame

DIY Rustic Industrial Photo Frame! This is the perfect DIY rustic industrial photo frame you could have in your home!
DIY Rustic Industrial Photo Frame


I wanted a display where I could easily change out photos for each season so my husband put this together for me. I absolutely love it!! I may not be the best decorator, but it’s been fun to try new things every time to go with the pictures.

So far I’ve done October and November, so if you have any ideas for other times of the year do share!

1. Decide the size of frame you want.

2. cut your pieces or wood. (We used wood from my in-laws old deck to give it a really rustic, textured look.)

3. Glue, finish nail gun, and staple your frame together. (um… yeah… we were experimenting so I think we did all three.)

4. Cut your wire to size and staple to your frame.

5. Hang on your wall and decorate!!


This was lil babe’s Halloween costume last year! My husband and I were trees. We were definitely not as cute…

I got these free printables from Ella Claire!



This banner is made out of paper and twine.

My November version was kind of a struggle… We’re just going to pretend that the chalkboard is centered because it was a nightmare to hook on and I was too frustrated to fix it. And we’re going to pretend that the garland is not falling off because I just realized that it is. Whoops!


I looked at a print from Nest of Posies to draw this, but after many many tries to make it look good I realized it would’ve been a lot easier if I just printed it!



Mother’s and Father’s day photoshoots by the fabulous Beverly Photography and Design! (Ps. She’s just starting out so if you’re looking for an awesome Utah photographer, with an even more awesome price, check her out! She’s really great to work with and she travels between Logan and Utah county.)

This garland is from the dollar store!!


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