Hawaiian Surprise Burger

Hawaiian Surprise Burger

Hawaiian Surprise Burger! My amazing parents took my whole family on vacation to Hawaii this summer (sooo fun!!!). Ben and I were in charge of one of the dinner’s and Ben invented this AMAZING burger that everyone was dying over. It could totally be a best seller at a restaurant!
Hawaiian Surprise Burger

Hawaiian Surprise Burger

100% Ground Beef
Homemade Ranch (Hidden Valley packet)
Hawaiian roll buns
Cave Aged White Cheddar
Hawaiian Seasoning (can be bought at Costco)


Hawaiian Surprise Burger

The How:
1- Mix Seasoning, Beef, and eggs in a bowl (2 eggs to pound of meat)
2- Form your patties (however thick you like)
3- Cook pastrami (ours was just a microwaveable packet from Costco)
4- Cook Patties over a briquet grill (for best results)
5- Once patties are almost done apply the cheese (this type of cheese is typically really dry so a trick we do is dumping a little water into the grill and putting the lid on)
6- Pull off patties with melted cheese, and put buttered buns on grill to toast
7- Put together burger the burger, apply as much pastrami as wanted, and apply a generous amount of Ranch!
8- Eat your food and remember the number one rule: Get money, Get paid!








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  1. You're making me want a burger now! This looks amazing! Thank you for linking up with at the Tips and Tricks Link Party! We love seeing all your great ideas and recipes! Keep it up!

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