Delicious Sour Cream Hamburgers

Sour Cream Hamburgers


Sour Cream Hamburgers


I love to grill all times of the year but especially in the summer. Nothing is better than a juicy burger! So I whipped a little something up. You can never go wrong with sour cream!!

Sour Cream Hamburgers


Approximately 2 lbs. of lean ground beef
1 cup of sour cream

1 oz. packet of onion soup
¾ cup of plain bread crumbs

Sour Cream Hamburgers



Put ingredients in a bowl and mix together with your bare
hands. Then make into about 6 to 8 hamburger patty’s. I made mine into 5 and
they were great but really big! We also put swiss cheese and obviously Glade’s
white sauce on them! It was delicious so delicious and so juicy!!!

2 thoughts on “Delicious Sour Cream Hamburgers”

  1. I think this sounds yummy! We love making burgers in the summer—bet this is juicy. Thanks for sharing:) found at dear creatives linky today. Have a great weekend.

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