Date Night Challenge

Date Night Challenge

Date Night Challenge

It’s true, I’ll be the first to admit it. I read every single one of those “Mistakes You’re Making That Could Ruin Your Relationship” posts I see on Facebook. Not because I’m super worried I’m making mistakes, but because my marriage is the absolute most important thing in the world to me. There is so much nonsense out there telling us that relationships aren’t important, or that marriage should be easy, or that divorce is for anyone and everyone. Call me a hopeless romantic but I’m not buying it. And judging by the fact that “Date Ideas” are some of our most sought after posts, you aren’t either!

Whether your married, engaged, or in a casual relationship dating is soo soo important. That’s why we decided to start doing our Date Night Challenge! Every Friday we are going to issue a challenge. Their will be three challenges in varying levels. Level 1: Crush, level 2: Love, Level 3: Devoted. You can complete the one that fits your relationship best, or complete all three for the ultimate date experience!


A good date needs four things: 1. You feel attractive, 2. You find your date attractive, 3. both people feel a strong emotion, and 4. You leave with something that reminds you of the date. Our goal is to help you bring more of these elements into your regular dating routine, and get you out of your comfort zone so that you can continually build your relationship.

So… It’s a Friday, why not give our Date Night Challenge a try!

Date Night Challenge 


— T  H  I  S     M  O  N  T  H  ‘  S     C  H  A  L  L  E  N  G  E —

October: This month’s challenge is to re-live your first date!

Crush: Go to the same place for dinner. 

Love: Do the same activity you did. 

Devoted: If it was a group date, try to get together with the same people you used to hang out with!


Date Night Challenge

— P  R  E  V  I  O  U  S    C  H  A  L  L  E  N  G  E  S —

September: This month’s challenge is to have a day date!

Crush: Go out to lunch together. 

Love: Spend the morning together and go in late to work. 

Devoted: Play hooky on all responsibilities and spend the entire day together! 

August: This month’s challenge is not spend any money!

Crush: Get creative with your activity and either find or come up with something free to do. 

Love: Figure out a way to eat dinner without spending money. (*cough* Costco samples??)

Devoted: Make it as extravagant as possible without spending any money. 

July 17: This week’s challenge is take a drive!


Crush: Create a playlist of your favorite love songs and drive until it is finished.
Love: Drive to a place with a great view and talk about old memories.
Devoted: Plan and head out on a spontaneous rode trip!
June 19: This week’s challenge is to develop your spiritual side together!

Crush: Talk about your beliefs with one another, or something spiritual that has been on your mind.

Love: Read the scriptures together and discuss what you learn.

Devoted: Visit a temple/place of worship together!


June 19: This week’s challenge is to have a guy’s night out! Not on your own but with your spouse!

Crush: Watch an action movie.

Love: Play a sport or do something that he’s into.

Devoted: Go to a demolition derby, cage fighting, or something that you definitely wouldn’t normally do together. 

June 4: This week’s challenge is to have a girl’s night out! Not on your own but with your spouse!

Crush: Watch a chick flick.

Love: Use a face mask and relax reading magazines and catching up on the latest gossip.

Devoted: Take him to get a pedicure! He may think you’re crazy but as soon as they start rubbing his feet he’ll thank you.


May 22: This week’s challenge is to make sure your sweetheart hears some sweet nothings throughout the night!

Crush: Whisper a compliment in his/her ear every chance you get.

Love: Write down a list of compliments/things you appreciate and give it to him/her on the date. 

Devoted: Create a cute craft out of your list to make sure it is something treasured forever!!

May 15: Have a night in and enjoy each other’s company in the comfort of your own home!

Crush: Order some take out and cuddle up for a movie night.

Love: Have a low-key, pajama-wearing, cereal dinner under a fort in your living room. 

Devoted: Have a “bonfire” in your kitchen complete with hot dogs and s’mores!

May 8: Do something on your date that is worthy of remembering and find or create a token that will help you remember it!

Crush: Take a photo of what you did on the date.

Love: Save a pamphlet, ticket stub, program etc. from a place that you go.

Devoted: Keep something and make a piece of jewelry out of it. (even wrappers work!)


May 1: PDA (public display of affection) doesn’t have to be gross! If your significant other’s love language is touch, they will love this challenge!

Crush: Hold hands as often as possible.

Love: Put your arms around each other as often as possible.

Devoted: Instead of verbally saying thank you when needed throughout the night, give your guy/gal a kiss!

April 24: How often do you truly share how you feel about your significant other? This week’s challenge is to make sure they know!

Crush: As you’re out and about, be sure to point out things that they do that you like right as you see them.

Love: Devote a moment to telling them why you love them and what exactly they do that makes you happy.

Devoted: Actually write down how you feel and present it to them in a thoughtful way.

April 17: Photos make the best memories (like the one above of my husband and I at prom)! This week’s challenge is all about pictures!

Crush: Snap a couple selfies while you’re out and about.

Love: Have someone else take photos of you at memorable moments of your date. (a.k.a. make sure the date you plan is a photo worthy one!)

Devoted: Spend the night in looking through old photos and videos of you and your sweetheart!

March 27: This week’s challenge is all about your humble abode. It’s the place you probably spend the most time together, why not make it a place you love!

Crush: Rearrange the furniture together or do some handy work you’ve been putting off.

Love: Buy or make some new furniture or create a work of art together to hang in your house. (pinterest project!!)

Devoted: Actually sit down and plan out your dream house whether it’s upgrading your current one or finding something new. Set some goals and plan out a budget that will get you there!


March 27: This week’s date night challenge is to bring back your childhood.

Crush: Eat at your favorite childhood restaurant.

Love: Play a game you loved as a kid like battle ship or hopscotch.

Devoted: Get out and go somewhere you loved as a kid like an arcade or Chuckie Cheese!


March 20: This week’s date night challenge is to get wet!! Or at least out on some water.

Crush: Hit the dollar store and pick out some mini squirt guns and have a squirt gun fight.

Love: Have dinner out by a lake at sunset!

Devoted: Rent a canoe (they are only like $20 bucks!) and paddle around the lake! Bonus if you “fall in”.



March 13: When we first got married we decided to try long boarding and it was so fun to learn together! Don’t get stuck in a rut doing the same things over and over, this date night challenge is to try something new!

Crush: Go somewhere neither of you have been before for dinner. Bonus points if it’s foreign!

Love: Buy a new board game that you’ve never played and make a night of it!

Devoted: Take a homeless person to dinner and get to know them! Unless of course you’ve done that… then you can play it safe and take someone you don’t know well yet, like another couple, a cousin, a sibling, or a grandparent.

March 6: This date night challenge is to make it sports themed in honor of March Madness!

Crush: Get out moving and play a sport together.

Love: Get ready for March Madness (or any other up coming sports event you like) and read up on some players and teams. It’ll make the season a lot more fun for both of you!

Devoted: Buy tickets to a game or at least some swag to deck out in while you cheer on your teams! 


February 27: Do something out of the ordinary and surprise your significant other!

Crush: Send them some flowers or candy, who doesn’t get excited about that!

Love: Be waiting for them at their work and whisk them away to a fun-filled night!

Devoted: Buy tickets to a sports game, play, movie or whatever their into and don’t tell them where you’re going until you get there!!


February 19: Kick the winter blues away and do something that reminds you of summer!

Crush: Go for a walk outside in the fresh air. (Hand in hand of course!!)

Love: Cold or not, pull out the BBQ and do some grilling.

Devoted: Never mind how white you are, put on your swim suit and hit the pool! If you have kids bring them along, or find a hot tub for you and your hubby to sneak away to 😉


February 6: This challenge was inspired by the fact that yesterday my husband and I actually worked out because we stole each other’s phones and wouldn’t give them back until we both worked out. It was kind of sad how motivating it was, but at least it’ll get results right?? This week’s challenge is no electronics!!

Crush: Turn off your cell phone and actually give your significant other your full attention the whole night. 

Love: Turn off all electronic media! That includes TV’s, radios, phones, etc.

Devoted: Kick it even more old school and turn off ALL electronics included the lights! Candlelight is sooo romantic!



Date Night Challenge

We want to hear from you! 


Remember how I’m a hopeless romantic? After you complete a challenge share with us what you did! Did something funny happen? Did you learn something you didn’t know about your significant other? Did he say something that would make any girl swoon? Send us a message and/or a picture on our Facebook wall so we can share it!


Need some date ideas?? Check these out!


29 thoughts on “Date Night Challenge”

  1. How fun!! My marriage is the most important thing to me as well. Thankfully, my husband and I do make each other laugh and we do it often. Our dog always leaves the room when we start laughing. He doesn't like sudden loud noise. LoL
    We are so glad you shared with us at the Home Matters Linky Party!

  2. I love these ideas and my husband is a wonderful romantic so I know he will like these ideas too. Can't wait to get started. Thanks so much for sharing this at Let's Get Real with us today. You are right…….getting dressed up does make things extra special. Taking the extra time to impress my spouse is important to me.

  3. Okay, tonight is date night for us, and I'm totally making him turn off his phone!!! LOL Thanks so much for joining us at the #HomeMattersParty – we hope to see you again next week!

  4. I have to admit, I do love date night ideas! What a fun challenge. I am going to have to give some of these ideas a try. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we hope to see you again next week. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  5. I really like these ideas. The dream house one is on my list to do. We recently got to go out to a movie. We had not been out for over 3 years! It was great. Thanks for linking up at #HomeMattersParty

  6. I love this! It's so important to spend enough time with your second half. It's especially true for when you have kids. Because life can be hectic but even couple of hours spent together watching a movie or just cuddling would make a difference.

  7. Such great ideas. We are going out this weekend and I'm going to make sure we take photos! The no phone suggestion is great too! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty

  8. This is such a great fun! Yeah, spending quality time with your spouse in a regular basis is one key factor to have a strong marital relationship.

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