10 Fun and Frugal Date Ideas

10 Fun and Frugal Date Ideas

10 Fun and Frugal Date Ideas

No explanation is needed for this post. I think everyone finds themselves in need of some fun but inexpensive date ideas every once in a while!

10 Fun and Frugal Date Ideas

1. Play A Sport: Even if you’re not very good, grab a ball, frisbee, racket, and get moving!

2. Watch Family Videos: You know all the millions of pictures and videos you have stored on your computer? Actually sit down and watch them!

3. Visit a Museum: There are probably some pretty cool museums in your area that you’ve never thought of going to.

4. Thrift Shop: Pick out something awesome for each other! Or better yet, something to do next Friday night!

5. Play a Concert for each other: If you’re not musical, create a playlist or CD and listen while you cuddle!

6. Just get ice cream: Instead of getting Dinner, just go out for ice cream.

7. Visit the Library: Check out a book and read with each other.

8. Chess Club: Practice your chess skills or play any other board game.

9. Download an App: Turn your ipad into game-opolis and download a few cheap games to play against each other.

10. Money Management Date: If money is tight, plan a date a month centered around learning about money management! You can read books, attend a seminar, rework your budget, etc but make sure you have fun along the way!

8 thoughts on “10 Fun and Frugal Date Ideas”

  1. I'm visiting from the Pretty Pintastic Link-Up! We're always on the lookout for frugal dates. I am thinking it would be so fun to surprise my husband with family videos if I could get his mom to send me a few copies! 🙂

  2. We love just getting ice cream; that's one of our faves! Thanks so much for linking up at the #HomeMattersParty – we hope to see you again tomorrow! (The door opens at midnight EST – feel free to bring a friend!)

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