5 Pregnancy Sanity Savers

5 Pregnancy Sanity Savers!

5 Pregnancy Sanity Savers

5 Pregnancy Sanity Savers

When I first found out I was pregnant I knew that morning sickness was on it’s way so I made a list of things that were helpful to me the last time I was pregnant. As soon as the sickness hit though I forgot all about my list and after a while the house was a mess, dishes were everywhere and I was due for a meltdown. After my meltdown, I remembered my list and made sure we ate outside that night complete with paper plates and an early bedtime for me! 

5 Pregnancy Sanity Savers 


1. Paper Plates: When you’re too tired/sick to clean up breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner disposable dishes can really boost your mood! 

2. Grocery Store Help: I love going to Macey’s because of their customer service. Every time I check out they ask if I’d like help out to my car. The first time I said yes was when I was pregnant and it was amazing!! They lifted all my heavy items and I still had breath to breath when I sat down in my car! I’m sure any other grocery store would be happy to assist you. 
3. Picnics: Even if you don’t have other kids yet dinner can be messy. I hate having a freshly clean kitchen after lunch only to destroy it at dinner. Taking my family to the park is a great way to keep the mess away. 
4. Stretch: I swear stretching gives me more energy than any nap I’ve taken. It makes me feel refreshed, like I’ve worked out but can still breath. 
5. Shower at Night: This saves me time in the mornings and allows me a much needed moment to myself at the end of the day. 

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