Fun 5 Relay Races for family party!

5 Relay Races for family party!

5 Relay Races for family party! Nothing’s better than a good ole’ fashioned day of relay races. They’re fun, cheap, and anyone at any age can enjoy them. Here are some ideas for your family’s next fun day together!



5 Relay Races for family party!



1- Egg Relay Race– Give everyone a plastic spoon and an egg. (We didn’t hard boil ours, since we were outside, but you might want to if you don’t want yolk everywhere!) Set up a starting point and a finish line, then send the racers on their way.

Whoever gets to the end without dropping it wins! You can increase the difficulty by assigning teams and making them pass the egg, without hands, to the next person in line. If they drop the egg, go back to the starting line! The first team to the end wins!


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2- Cotton Ball Drop– Put Vaseline on the ends of the players noses. Then stick a cotton ball on the end of each little nose. Players must race to the finish line and get their cotton balls into the bowl without using their hands.

If the cotton ball falls off, they have to go back to the starting point to get a new one. The first team to fill their bowl wins.


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3- Water Balloon Toss– Group players into pairs. Have the players toss a water balloon back and forth, taking a step back after each catch. The group that gets the furthest away from each other, without breaking the balloon, wins!

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4- Three Legged Race- Tie partners legs together, and whoever gets to end first wins!


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5- Water Race– Give each team 1 spoon and one bucket of water, set up a small cup at the finish line. Players must use the small spoon to fill the cup up at the finish line. The team that fills it up first wins!

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5 Relay Races for family party!

9 thoughts on “Fun 5 Relay Races for family party!”

  1. Such fun ideas for a family get together. The kids (big and small) would have a blast. It's making me miss the summer already! And you are so lucky to have such amazing views of the mountains. It must be so inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us at #HomeMattersParty!

  2. I grew up playing lots of games like these! They are so much fun! Thank you so much for sharing "5 Relay Races for your next family party" with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I'm pinning and sharing.

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