Easy 4 Tips for Realistc Weekly Meal Prep

4 Tips for Realistc Weekly Meal Prep!

4 Tips for Realistc Weekly Meal Prep

I have been doing a weekly meal prep for the past few months and it is awesome! It was really hard to get started though, and I was super overwhelmed by all the ideas there are on Pinterest.


I have a few tips to share with you though to help it go a little smoother and keep it realistic for you.


4 Tips for Realistc Weekly Meal Prep

1. Know why you want to meal prep: The benefits of weekly meal prep are endless, but the main reasons I got into it were to help us eat healthier and not eat out as often. Once I knew why I wanted to do it helped me focus and narrow down what to do in my meal prep.

Mason Jar salads with homemade ranch were a great make-ahead lunch!



2. Start Small: Instead of changing your entire family’s diet, start with a few things you regularly eat and figure out how to prep them ahead of time. For example, the first thing I started with was creating crockpot freezer meals because then I knew I would always have a healthy dinner to easily prepare on busy/lazy days.



It’s always nice to provide paper utensils if your making lunches.



3. Split up the work: One thing that helps me the most is making my grocery list on Sunday, then shopping and prepping on Monday. Although the grocery list doesn’t take very long, it gives me an extra boost of motivation if I already have it ready on Monday.



I try to make a toddler-friendly veggie snack for those moments when
I need my one-year-old distracted while I get his dinner ready.
These are broccoli nuggets!



4. Know your family: The first time I tried meal prepping I made ten make-ahead lunches for my husband to take to work. They were super delicious!


The problem was they were all exactly the same and after day 2, my husband wouldn’t eat them anymore.


Now I make him four lunches a week, so he has one day of freedom, and if he forgets to take one or goes out to eat for work, I just eat the extra instead of forcing him to take it another day. I also make him pick what he wants for his meal.

Basically, just start doing it and you’ll figure out what works! It will save you time, money, and sanity!

4 Tips for Realistc Weekly Meal Prep


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