Fun The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List!

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List


As soon as it hits July I feel like summer is already almost over and it makes me sad! There is so much fun to be had during the summer but it’s usually so busy that by the end of it it seems like one or two summer treasures was forgotten.

I have a couple of friends who make summer bucket lists every year. I think it’s a great idea and a great tradition for every family so I decided to get a head start for next year. I gathered some ideas from a lot of people to create the ultimate summer bucket list!!


The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

1. Watch a rodeo

2. Eat watermelon

3. Get a snow cone

4. Make homemade ice cream

5. Swim in a lake

6. Go hiking

7. Swim in a pool

8. Play in a splash pad

9. Outdoor movie

10. Have a BBQ

11. Go camping

12. Family vacation

13. Roast marshmallows

14. Watch an outdoor play

15. Watch fireworks

16. Eat a Popsicle

17. Go to a baseball game

18. Go shooting

19. Dance in the moonlight

20. Sleep under the stars

21. Make homemade lemonade

22. Throw a lemon party

23. Go boating

24. Read in a hammock

25. Sip lemonade on your front porch

What else can I add to this??? Please share! What does your family like to do?


8 thoughts on “Fun The Ultimate Summer Bucket List”

  1. I love the ideas of going to a rodeo and going shooting…. never done either of those things. I will have to add them to my bucket list! Thanks for sharing on the #ShareTheWealthSunday link up.

  2. I love making and reading lists so I just hopped over from Pin Worthy Wednesday to read, enjoy and PIN your Ultimate Summer Bucket Listt. All the best, Deborah

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