Fun Star Wars Themed Holocron Treasure Hunt

Star Wars Themed Holocron Treasure Hunt



Star Wars Themed Holocron Treasure Hunt

All week I’ve been sharing pictures and ideas from my son’s Star Wars Birthday Party last month. Today I wanted to share this fun treasure hunt that me and my son came up with together. He is a Star Wars expert! I didn’t know what half of this stuff meant, but if you’re into Star Wars, you’ll know exactly what these clues are referring to.

For those that don’t know what these clues are referencing, I’ll add a little explanation after each clue. Apparently a Holocron is something that holds all Jedi knowledge, so I had my son make his own version of a Holocron, and we hid candy inside of it. I forgot to take a picture of his, but here’s a picture of one…



Star Wars Themed Holocron Treasure Hunt

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Clue #1 – If you’re in a hungry mood, go here first to find some food.

Clue #2 – Now you’re on your second clue, go to where there’s a circle blue. (trampoline)

Clue #3– If you want to feel divine, here or Kamino’s where you’d go in sunshine. (Kamino is a water planet, so we put ours by the pool.)

Clue #4- Add some color to your day, Use these to draw and you’re on your way. (I put these by our sidewalk chalk)

Clue #5- The force is with you now my friend, go to where the sidewalk ends. (On the corner by our house)

Clue #6– If a Jedi, you want to be, now you must go to a large green tree.

Clue #7– Yoda Soda is good to drink. It’s greener and tastier than you would think. (refreshment table)

Clue #8 – If the dark side closes in, the grass in the front will help you win.

Clue #9– If you want to take a flight, this is where your x-wing would rest overnight.  (garage)

Clue #10– The knowledge you seek is a hefty prize, if you find the Holocron you will be wise! Deep in the forest, where younglings play, go find a tree with a shelter today.

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