Realistic Toddler Meal Ideas

Realistic Toddler Meal Ideas

Realistic Toddler Meal Ideas! Toddler’s parents know this one thing to be true: A hungry toddler is a cranky toddler.

And while we’re often in a rush to feed our littlest eaters before they meltdown, we also want to make sure they are regularly trying new foods and getting balanced nutrition, too.


Need fresh ideas? We got you.

Realistic Toddler Meal Ideas

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I see the fancy meal ideas for toddlers on Pinterest and I’m like “um… yeah… that’ll never happen for me”. But alas, the kid still needs to eat.


This isn’t everything he eats but these are a few of my favorite go-to meals for my one-year-old who eats a TON, even though he doesn’t have many teeth.


Realistic Toddler Meal Ideas

1. Avocado with a side of fruit. Raspberries and blueberries are great, quick finger foods. Sometimes I’ll mix little apple slices in with the avocado as well.


2. Grapes, Cheese, and Peanut Butter Bread: Slice some grapes, slice some cheese, and spread a little peanut butter. These are great for little fingers!


3. Eggs, Cheese, and Toast with a Green Smoothie:  I make a green smoothie to go with my breakfast a lot of the time and Cooper loves them! It’s a great way to pack in some veggies to his diet.


4. Banana Peanut Butter Sandwich with a side of Veggies: Corn is a really easy finger food but you can also steam some vegetables and mash them.

5. Salsa Eggs with Oranges: Fresh salsa adds some veggies to the mix, and you can’t go wrong with oranges for my little guy!


6. Oatmeal with a side of Fruit: Oatmeal is awesome for toddlers because it’s nutritious and you don’t have to mash it after it’s made!!

Realistic Toddler Meal Ideas




14 thoughts on “Realistic Toddler Meal Ideas”

  1. Love these ideas! I agree that some of the toddler food ideas on Pinterest make me laugh–they're beautiful and creative ideas but yeah, my kid would just raise her eyebrow at them. 🙂 We also love quesadillas and "banana pancakes" (mashed banana, one egg, a bit of flour and cinnamon). Have a great day!

  2. Great ideas! I will use some of these this week I believe. Bookmarked until I can write down on paper. My little guy just turned one, he's starting to eat a lot more food on his own and with his teeth, no longer needs blended as much. It's exciting being able to make fun meals, but hard to come up with new ideas. thanks again!

  3. These ideas will be a life saver! I am always trying to come up with something quick and healthy for my BabyGirl! I am gonna have to try and see if she will like the avocado and a side of fruit. That sounds like a snack I could get down on too!

  4. My lil guy is wanting big boy food more and more so when i cant get him to eat the baby food i still have ( i made a lot) i whip up some noodles and then use a cube of the food as a “pesto”, he loves it!!

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