How to Apply Gold Luster Dust!


As Jessica mentioned, our handsome younger brother just got married! Jessica’s groom’s cake was incredible. I just made a sour cream chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Obviously, with homemade fondant, because it just tastes better than store bought. All of my skills I learned from Jessica! If you want her fondant recipe click here. I must say that I am so glad I married a good man, who happens to be a painter. A few years ago, my mother bought me a fancy airbrush for cakes. I have hardly used it because I have not had time to learn how. Luckily, Shayna wanted gold on her cake.

We weren’t sure how to apply the luster dust. Which we bought online and I happened to have one extra bottle from a cake shop. We started by trying to brush it on with a luster dust brush. That was a complete fail. I had in the past tried to use water, again, fail. Jessica then mentioned that she had heard that you apply it with a brush and vodka. Since, we don’t drink we were in the liquor store for an hour trying to figure out what to buy. Matt said that a higher proof would dry quicker, so we just bought Everclear, which was 160 proof. We mixed 1/8 of a teaspoon with a teaspoon of Everclear and then put it in the airbrush, and applied about 4 coats to make sure it was a dark enough gold! Good luck if you decide to try this! I feel so lucky I had a painter in my corner!!

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