Cute How to Make Valentines Day Decorations

How to Make Valentines Day Decorations


How to Make Valentines Day Decorations

How to Make Valentines Day Decorations

Ever since I was little, I remember my mom, Kim, decorating for EVERY holiday. I loved it as a kid, but as an adult I find I’m not as motivated. It seems like a lot of effort for just a few weeks of fun. But then I think, “I have the best and cutest kids around. I want to see them get excited about Valentine’s Day like I used to. Why not decorate a little, it’s for the children!”

I just have to keep reminding myself how easy it is to whip out some cute decorations and I tell myself to stop being a scrooge, and live a little! So here is my motivational talk to you! It doesn’t take much, and we can all find a little joy in the small things! So make these!

Okay, start with a stack of tissue paper, about 20 or so sheets. I measured each side and put a little dot every 2 inches as a guide to cut my scalloped edges. This makes it easier to fold more precisely, but the great thing about this project is you don’t have to be precise at all.  You can even skip the cutting until after the next step.


HOw-to-make-cute-and-cheap-Valentine's-Day-Decorations (2)

Next, start folding back and forth, like an accordion, until the whole thing is folded. HOw-to-make-cute-and-cheap-Valentine's-Day-Decorations (5)HOw-to-make-cute-and-cheap-Valentine's-Day-Decorations (7) Now, fold the whole thing in the center, so both scalloped edges are lined up. HOw-to-make-cute-and-cheap-Valentine's-Day-Decorations (10)HOw-to-make-cute-and-cheap-Valentine's-Day-Decorations (11)

Now secure the center with a floral wire. Just wrap it around the center a few times and twist until it’s tight. HOw-to-make-cute-and-cheap-Valentine's-Day-Decorations (12) Start, gently pulling each individual piece of tissue paper up, one at a time, until you’re about half way finished on each side. HOw-to-make-cute-and-cheap-Valentine's-Day-Decorations (13)HOw-to-make-cute-and-cheap-Valentine's-Day-Decorations (14) Then flip it, and continue pulling each sheet down until you have a round ball! HOw-to-make-cute-and-cheap-Valentine's-Day-Decorations (15)HOw-to-make-cute-and-cheap-Valentine's-Day-Decorations (17) And, Voila! You’re done! You can make small or big versions of these based on how big your tissue paper is! These would be cute in a mini version hanging from a mantel. I’m going to show you where I hung these later this week, so stay tuned! HOw-to-make-cute-and-cheap-Valentine's-Day-Decorations (1)

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