Our Love Story, In Honor of Valentine’s Day!

These pictures were taken this past summer, and we never really did get a good one of the whole family, I don’t know what was up with the kids in the group pictures, oh well, they are still cute!
I wanted to share a little about our family, since it’s Valentine’s day, and it really is about expressing love for those that are the most important in our lives.
Mike and I met 11 years ago, in fact our first date was exactly 11 years from tomorrow (Feb 15), we were set up by his brother and sister-in-law, Dan and Brooke from All Things Thrifty. I was on a performing singing/dancing group called Acclamation at Southern Utah University and Dan and Brooke were the assistant advisors. We had become great friends, and they kept telling me I had to date their brother when he returned from his mission in January that year. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go on a date with him, because it takes a few months for returned missionaries to get back to normal. They are a little awkward sometimes, because they haven’t thought about girls for two years and; therefore, don’t know how to NOT be creepy.
That all changed when I saw him for the first time, he was a little weird, but oh so cute, and all the girls in my performing group were dying to sit by him and talk to him. Not me though, I liked to play hard to get and I was the kind of girl that wanted to be chased. In fact, Mike thought I hated him because all the girls would run to him and hug him when they saw him, and I just waved from the distance. Ha I love it, I’m laughing a little now just thinking how snotty I must have seemed.
Mike had been told he was going to be set up with me so he was checking me out when he came with Brooke and Dan to one of our late night rehearsals. He said he thought I was cute too, but didn’t think it would work out since I glared a lot…
He offered me a ride home from practice and he had a car, so I assumed he was a spoiled rich kid, which I didn’t want, since I was hoping to find someone who knew how to work hard. He did; however, open my door, so I hadn’t written him off completely. He was hoping we would chat for a while, or that I would invite him in to talk and I just jumped out of the car and said “Thanks, see you later!” (By the way, he wasn’t a spoiled rich kid, and had bought the car on his own.)
A few weeks after we first met, on our first date, I knew I REALLY liked him. He opened doors all night, was really fun and goofy, and did I mention that I thought he was SO handsome!
It was a special first date because we went with his oldest brother Chris and his wife, Brooke and Dan, and my younger sister Cassie went on a date with his youngest brother TY. The whole family was there! Cassie told me she thought I was going to marry him on the way home, and even made fun of me, because as we were leaving I actually RAN INTO A WALL while I was saying goodbye to Mike. Yep, hit straight into a wall…embarrassing, I guess that’s how you know I was smitten!
After only a few short months Mike told me he loved me and a few weeks after that I told him, “You know I’m going to make you marry me, right?”
Yeah, I was a little bold. I still can’t believe I said that!
It all worked out and, 6 months after our first date, we were married in the Salt Lake Temple.
3 years after we were married, we welcomed little Max Michael to the family, Gracie came 3 years after that, and Sophie was born 2 years after Gracie. Sophie is almost 2 1/2 now. We have been married for 10 1/2 years.
I don’t want to make you gag, but we really are so happy. Mike is so calm and evens out my sassy personality, we are quick to forgive and never really get angry with each other. It really helps that Mike is a very calm person and so so nice, pretty much my opposite!Winking smile
I think we’re pretty lucky and I want my kids to know how much I love them and their hunky dad! It is the day of LOVE after all!
I hope you enjoyed hearing how about how crazy I am our love story. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Jessica Smile

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