Valentine Minute to Win It Games

Valentine Minute to Win It Games


valentine minute to win it games


Valentine Minute to Win It Games

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and a lot of you will be helping in your kiddos classes or having Valentine’s Day parties. Here is some fun ideas to entertain the crew, with few supplies and they will LOVE it!!!!!!


1.The Cookie Shimmy– Place a cookie on their forehead and they need to shimmy the cookie down to their mouth without dropping it, in less than a minute.


2.Stick it to Your Nose– Lather your nose up with some Vaseline and try to stick a candy heart to your nose, only using your nose. You need to use Vaseline because its goopy enough to work.


3.Take a Piece Out of My Heart– The object of the game is to bite off the end of the jelly heart and stick it upright onto the plate. Whoever has the most hearts standing up, wins!!!!!!!!


4. Marshmallow Toss– Find a partner and line up 2 feet away from each other. One partner will be trying to toss as many marshmallows as they can into the other partners mouth in a minute. The partner that is catching the marshmallows isn’t allowed to use their hands.


5. Heart Stack– Give each participant a box of hearts and see who can stack the highest tower in a minute, without the tower falling over!!!



6. Mummy Wrap– All you need is a roll of toilet paper or even crepe paper. One child wraps his partner in toilet paper. Whoever is wrapped up the most in a minute wins!!!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!! xoxoxo

17 thoughts on “Valentine Minute to Win It Games”

  1. Hi ladies! Thanks so much for linking up to Our Mini Linky Party for the first time! I love the marshmallow toss idea! Hope you link up again with us on Saturday, too! Cheers!


  2. Great ideas, I've tried a couple myself, and others are new-to-me. Thanks for joining the fun with Mom's Library Linky, I'll be featuring you this week at Castle View Academy.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. oh my goodness how this reminds me of my youth! Such fun games, Laughter and hilarity guaranteed. Thank you for linking up at Party Under The Big Top #BigTopBlogParty

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