How I Turned My Bath Time Hater Into a Bath Time Lover

How I Turned My Bath Time Hater Into a Bath Time Lover



First of all, thank you sooooo much to those of you who gave me suggestions on our Facebook page! I was loosing my mind trying to figure out what to do. Cooper somehow had decided that bath time was the worst time of the day and that water was the devil. No matter what toys I put in or how gently I washed him, he still would scream and {dangerously} try to escape.


I started to dread bath time and would pretty much be in tears every time. Luckily after reading through all of your suggestions, I got in the tub with Cooper and actually paid attention to what was upsetting him, and figured some things out that I thought I would share!

How I Turned My Bath Time Hater Into a Bath Time Lover

1. Bathroom Temperature: When I got in the tub with Cooper I realized that the bathroom was freezing so I started putting a space heater in there to warm it up right before bath time. That way, Cooper was a little calmer when I undressed him.

2. Introduce toys before getting in: My Mom came up with this method and it works great! Before putting him in the water I now let him see the toys and play with them first. This way he is excited before transitioning to the water. He hardly even notices when he has a fun toy in his hand!

3. Water level: I think this was the key to Cooper’s bath time change of heart. When I got in with him, I realized that the water was so high (mid-waist) that he didn’t feel secure and kept slipping around. Which probably also contributed to me feeling like if he moved he was going to drown. Now I just put a tiny bit in so that he can sit comfortably, and I just lay him on his back to wash his hair. (that took a couple tries before he really relaxed, but now he loves it!!)

After changing these three things he is officially a bath time lover and mommy is too!! Here are some other ideas people gave me though that I think are fantastic!


How I Turned My Bath Time Hater Into a Bath Time Lover

1. Use a Bath Seat
2. Wash baby’s hair with a wash cloth so they don’t have to be covered in water
3. Wash baby in the sink

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4 thoughts on “How I Turned My Bath Time Hater Into a Bath Time Lover”

  1. Great post! I guess I'm lucky; my four-month-old absolutely LOVES bath time! He loves for the water to be kind of high (to him), and at the end of his bath I balance his head in my hand and let him float around. He just giggles and talks the whole time! But these are great tips! I hope we never regress on bath time.

  2. Great post! While I don't have this particular problem I know that lots of parents do. Usually if our kid dislikes bath time it's because the water itself is too cold.

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