10 Fun Things To Do With Your Baby

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Baby

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Baby


As a new stay-at-home mom I find myself bored sometimes. Not the I-have-nothing-to-do kind of bored but the I-have-too-many-mundane-things-slash-nothing-exciting-to-do kind of bored. Plus, you can only play peek-a-boo so many times. These are some of the activities I do with Cooper that are either super fun for both of us, or are super fun for him so I can have a moment to myself. 


10 Fun Things To Do With Your Baby

1. Back Splash: This is great in the summer if you both need to cool off. Fill the tub up with just an inch of water and lay your child on his back. He’ll love splashing around and looking up at you! 

2. Kitchen Gadgets: The best toys in life actually aren’t toys mommy paid for right? Kitchen gadgets are awesome toys. Cooper’s favorite is a whisk. If your baby is old enough let him bang it on a pot!

3. High Chair Water Park: My mother in law Kim taught us this and it’s awesome! Put your baby in his high chair and put a tiny layer of water in the tray. They will love splashing it around. 

4. Hat Attack: Babies love watching you so spice it up a little by putting on and taking off a bunch of different types of hats. They don’t even have to be real hats. Try a lamp shade, a blanket, a purse, etc. 

5. Texture Testing: Give your baby an assortment of objects that have various textures. They’ll have fun feeling the differences.

6. Mirror Mirror: Most people know that babies love mirrors. Get a large mirror that you can move around with you and prop it up, out of reach, so your baby can see himself while he does his everyday activities. For example, Cooper loves his bouncer, but occasionally I’ll put the mirror by his bouncer and then he really loves his bouncer!

7. Workout: Both you and your baby will love this! There are so many ways to incorporate your baby into your workout. I do way more pushups than expected because Cooper laughs so hard when I put him underneath me. 

8. Photo Shoot: Don’t just snap a cute photo, go all out! Dress your baby up, create a set, go somewhere. Even if you don’t have a nice camera this is still fun!

9. Eyebrow Makeover: Draw exaggerative eyebrows on your baby when you’re having a bad day. The funny faces they make will have you laughing for hours. Put them in front of a mirror and they’ll be laughing for hours!

10. Movie Commentary: Does your baby want to watch Frozen for the millionth time? Turn on the directors commentary! It plays the video but the audio you hear is the director or actors talking about their experiences making the movie. 


10 Fun Things To Do With Your Baby

10 thoughts on “10 Fun Things To Do With Your Baby”

  1. These are great ideas! I especially love the last one — brilliant way to break up the monotony of the same movie over and over again! 🙂 (Stopping by from the Parenting Pointers link-up)

  2. What great tips, makes me miss my babies though. (they are all teenagers sleeping in late and rolling down at lunch time in search of food!) I remember doing the Working out one, but a lot of the time I just popped them in a bouncy chair on the kitchen counter and talked to them all day long about everything I was doing. We also had one of those doorway bouncer things, great for the first child but the younger ones would be sent spinning by their older siblings!
    The audio commentary idea is fab. I watched Cinderella every day for 6 months straight and now my daughter can't understand how come I know it (and half the Barney songs) word for word!!!

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