How To Survive Your Babys Sick Days

How To Survive Your Babys Sick Days


How To Survive Your Babys Sick Days


How To Survive Your Babys Sick Days

When my doctor told me that a new baby will typically catch about 10-12 colds before their first birthday I didn’t think much of it. After my baby’s first one though, and dealing with the sleepless nights, fussy baby, and mounds of worry, I quickly did the math and realized that means he’d have about one per month.

A typical cold can last as long as two weeks so that’s a lot of sick days! And that’s not even counting ear infections, rashes, or other ailments your baby might face.

Cooper recently had a cold, which progressed into a double ear infection, which called for antibiotics, which caused him to break out in a rash, which led to a sore throat, which led to many mental breakdowns for his momma.

Let’s just say I learned a few things about how to survive your baby’s sick days because even if you’re not sick too, they still are super hard!


How To Survive Your Babys Sick Days


1. Call a Nurse: Do not feel dumb calling your doctor’s office and speaking to a nurse to see if you should bring your baby in. That is their job and even if you’re pretty sure you do or don’t need to take your baby in it will feel good to have peace of mind. Plus, they can give you all sorts of home remedy tips.

2. Call Your Mom: You are your mom’s baby and she will take care of you! Let her take your baby for a while so you can sleep. She will also probably have some tips for you because she’s probably been through it too.

3. Sleep on the Floor: Whenever my baby is sick he won’t sleep unless he is held. This is a problem because believe it or not, I need sleep too. The best discovery I made was sleeping next to him on the floor. He felt like I was holding him and yet we could both get sleep.

4. Movie Marathon: If your baby is super fussy sometimes putting on a movie and cuddling him can keep him calm. Plus it provides you some entertainment and keeps you calm.

How To Survive Your Babys Sick Days

5. Go to a Park: Sick days usually mean very little social interaction so that you don’t spread the sickness. You don’t always have to quarantine yourself though. Get outside and go lay under a tree or take a walk. The fresh air will be nice and you can gaze longingly at the other people enjoying life without sick children from a distance.

6. Take a Bath with Baby: The water will be soothing to both of you. (Bonus Tip: add epson salt and baking soda to stop a rash or keep it from itching!!)

7. Play Soothing Music: I don’t think lullabies are just for the babies, I think they’re to keep the mom calm while she tries to put the screaming baby to sleep. Turn on something calming to keep yourself calm if your baby is in a bad mood.

8. Sleep in on Saturday: You think I’m lying huh. Nope! My husband is amazing and if I’ve had a hard week with Cooper he will take him saturday morning after I feed him and let me sleep. Then during Cooper’s morning nap he usually catches some extra zzz’s himself.

9. Use a Humidifier: Never underestimate the power of a humidifier. I swear no matter what ailment my baby has, a humidifier provides some extra comfort for him!

10. Lots of Fluids: This tip is for you as well as the baby. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating good food so that you have enough energy to keep going.

Hang in there! It will end, baby will sleep again, and life will get back to normal!

If you have any other tips please share!!!

How To Survive Your Babys Sick Days

9 thoughts on “How To Survive Your Babys Sick Days”

  1. Good suggestions. While it's been a while since my baby was a baby I do remember that if I put her in the car seat and drove around for a little bit she drifted right off to sleep. 🙂

  2. I love your tips, especially number 5. I can just picture dozens of tired looking parents, all sitting a safe distance apart on park benched, gazing longingly at all those people whose kids are not poorly!

  3. Oh my gosh… I am SO glad I am not the only one who sleeps on the floor! My kids have been sick the past week and I have spent a few nights on the floor next to my daughters crib! It's the only thing that works! Great list!

  4. Truly great tips! I could not have said any more as a mother of 5 kids from 12 to 23.

    Thanks for sharing at Wonderful Wednesday blog hop.
    Diane Roark

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