Fun Family Nite Ideas

Fun Family Nite Ideas


Fun Family Nite Ideas

Fun Family Nite Ideas

Family time is SO important. I’m convinced that it can make or break a family! We try to have a family night at least once a week, but since our kids are little, we usually get more than one family night a week, and I love it!

This week we decided to buy a new movie The Boxtrolls at Wal-Mart! I figure it’s WAY cheaper to buy the movie, than it is to take everyone in the family to the movie theater! Plus you get to make your own snacks


As you can seen, we also LOVE popcorn at our house. Like, LOVE, I’m pretty sure I

could eat it for every meal. And Pop-Secret’s Movie Theater Butter is THE BEST! I like to mix Cinnamon Bears with my popcorn! Yummy!

The Boxtrolls was released on January 20th, and you can get your new movie, and Pop-Secret Movie Theater Butter 10 Count Box in one trip to your local Wal-Mart, while supplies last!
Fun-Family-Nite-Idea Since The Boxtrolls is all about little trolls that live under the city, and collect other people’s trash to make their home, I thought it would be fun if we made some musical instruments with our leftover Pop-Secret and The Boxtrolls box.
The main character, Eggs, and his adoptive Boxtroll parent, Fish, also have a little jam session made out of trash in the movie. So I thought it would be fun if the kids could play their instruments along with the characters in the movie.
We just cut a hole out of the Pop-Secret box, and put some rubber bands on it to make our guitar.
Family-Movie-Night-Ideas (2)
We made some drums with the outer cover of the DVD case and pencils of course!
Family-Movie-Night-Ideas (8)
And Max shook the popcorn bowl for his instrument.
Family-Movie-Night-Ideas (14)  

Fun Family Nite Ideas

Nothing’s better than a family movie night with a little jam session! The kids had a fun night, and I did too. You can make any ordinary movie night special with a little effort!
How do you carve out time for family night at your house?

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