Beautiful DIY Baby’s Breath Wedding Boutonnieres!

DIY Baby’s Breath Wedding Boutonnieres!


How to make DIY Baby’s Breath Wedding Boutonnieres for your special day!  

 DIY Baby's Breath Wedding Boutonnieres 


A little bit before Christmas I shared a post on my blog about how to save money on your wedding flowers, so I figured it was fitting that my next wedding post was related to flowers as well!

This would make a fun little project for you & your bridesmaids to work on before your wedding & keep stored in your fridge until the big day!    

DIY Boutonnieres 

DIY Baby’s Breath Wedding Boutonnieres

Materials Needed:

Baby’s Breath  Green Floral Tape Hot Glue Gun & Glue Twine or Ribbon Pins  

Wrap floral tape around flower stems of boutonnieres 

First, cut off a branch or two of baby’s breath so that the stem is 1-2 inches long. Then tightly wrap the green floral tape around the stems of the baby’s breath. If you decide that the stem is too long after wrapping the tape around it just cut off the excess.  

  Next, hot glue the end of the twine to the green floral tape under the flowers at the top of the boutonniere. Then wrap the twine around the floral tape glueing as needed. If you want it to look more like a cone rather than a stick just wrap the twine a few extra times at the top near the flowers.

Glue the end to the bottom of the boutonniere & cut off the excess twine.   I decided my favorite boutonnieres were the ones where I started the twine at the topped, wrapped it down, & then back up giving it a cone appearance.  

   Wedding Boutonnieres 


I spritzed my DIY Baby’s Breath Wedding Boutonnieres with some water & placed them in a plastic container in my fridge.    I bought my bouquet of baby’s breath last Wednesday from Publix & they were 3 for $12.

That night I made two boutonnieres & the next day I took the pictures seen on my husbands linen vest. I then put the rest of the flowers in a vase of water. Then on Sunday I made 3 more boutonnieres from the same bouquet of flowers that I bought on Wednesday for the pictures above.

To be on the safe side I would suggest making them a day before your wedding, but you could always do a test run a month or two before your wedding to decide how soon you want to make them & how you want to preserve your DIY Baby’s Breath Wedding Boutonnieres.  


DIY Wedding Boutonnieres   

 Happy crafting!

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  2. What a lovely inspiration!! How beautifully you designed this wedding boutonnieres; really incredible. Thanks for sharing this creativity with us.xoxo…..

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