Cute 5 Cheap Christmas Decorations

 5 Cheap Christmas Decorations


 5 Cheap Christmas Decorations


Happy Holidays!! The season is in full swing and it seems like there is always something new that you need to decorate for the holidays! Maybe you haven’t had a chance to decorate your home or you have a party that needs a little extra something, something to make it special.

Here is 5 ideas that are super cheap and I’m totally in love with them!


christmas wreath 1

 5 Cheap Christmas Decorations


I absolutely love this wreath!!!!  All you need to make it is zip ties, newspaper and wreath frame. I took 3 pieces of half of sheets of newspaper, folded them into 3’s and folded the paper in half, then secured them to the frame with a zip tie. You cut off the extra part of the zip tie. Continue adding newspaper and pushing it close together.


Add your own garnishment and presto….you have a super cute wreath! We even thought that you could leave off the ribbon, greenery and add your kiddos Santa letters. Then on Christmas Eve, you can place it in the fireplace and the smoke would take their letters to Santa!


christmas wreath2


The garland is made out of oven bake clay. I used my cookie cutters for the shape and then added ribbon. You could use only 1 of them and use it as a napkin holder. I bought the clay at Amazon.


christmas garland


My Lisa loves snow globes! When she was 4 years old she had one on her Christmas list. This is a super easy project. Mason jars make adorable globes!


snow globes


 5 Cheap Christmas Decorations

Items Needed for Snow Globes:
a jar
2 Tablespoons of glycerin for each globe
Faux snow or glitter

  • Remove your lid from your jar.
  • Glue your miniatures to the inside of the lid of the jar. Make sure it’s in the middle of the lid or you won’t be able to tighten it.
  • Let it dry.
  • Fill the jar with water and then 2 Tablespoons of glycerin.
  • Pour in the faux snow or glitter. Stir the contents with a small spoon.
  • Seal the lid. Keeping the jar right side up, just place your lid onto the top of the jar, and seal it. The jar might leak at first, but that is just because it is overflowing .


christmas trees

These adorable trees are brought to you by the Dollar Store!! I used Styrofoam cones and thumb tacks.  The topper is part of a gift tag.

christmas luminaries

Need a centerpiece for a party? I used PicMonkey to make a collage of my favorite people and printed it off on plain white paper. I wrapped it around a clear vase and placed a candle inside.

christmas luminaries1

This cute luminary would be a hit at any party!

christmas luminaries2

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  1. These are all fun projects for the Christmas crafting season! That newspaper wreath is so unique! It would be fun to do this with us the comic papers, colorful with a solid embellishments.
    Thanks for sharing these with us at Home Matters Linky party!

  2. Good Morning Ladies!
    I just wanted to let you know that you've been featured over @ the "What to do Weekends" with Crafts a la Mode Party! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creativeness with us!
    Merry Christmas week!

    Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance

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