Christmas Elf Trap

Christmas Elf Trap! A few years ago, Lisa kept asking if we saw any elves watching to see if she was being good. Then of course, she started asking if Santa was real or not and why would elves be watching her?!? Cassie came up with this great idea of making a trap and trying to catch an elf!

This is a great craft project for kids at Christmas time, when they are having such a hard time waiting for the big day! The first trap we made was NOT this elaborate. It was a box with a stick holding it up to catch the elf.


Simply find a box around the house and have your child design the trap. It’s fun to see what they come up with. Lisa thought she could lure the elf in with the comfy bed and some coloring books, then the elf would fall asleep.



She even made a door and a mailbox for the finishing touches! The next morning, we left a letter from her elf and a little treat! Lisa loved knowing that she had her own personal elf and now she even knew her name! Hopefully, this is a idea that can keep your kiddos busy for minute and bring a little magic into the Christmas season.

elf letter_001

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