10 Tips To Stress Free Holidays

10 tips to stress free holidays
Have you noticed all the commercials on TV about the holidays? And the stores started going crazy with holiday things before Halloween! Breathe!!!! We can get through the holidays with less stress and making it so we can REALLY enjoy every minute with our family and friends without freaking out. I cruised around the internet looking for the best ideas and I’m hoping it will help you cute moms and I’m hoping to keep myself calm. Let’s get started……………….

1. Lower your expectations: You don’t have to be perfect! If every detail isn’t done, nobody will even notice. I love all the small things and I want to do everything but pick a few things and make them memorable.
2. Change your routine: I love traditions! But if you are trying to do everything the same year after year that you did in the past and then you try to add new things to the list, you will be overwhelmed!  You don’t have to have a huge meal or a thousand different kinds of cookies or candy. Make a list of things that are really important to you and be happy.

3. Don’t do it all yourself: Let everyone in the family help with decorating or even the wrapping of the presents. I know, the kids don’t do it exactly how you like it but they will be so excited to help and you are making memories!
4. Plan ahead: Work smarter, not harder. Do as much as you can in November and leave December open for unexpected joy!
5. Spend less money: Nothing adds stress like worrying about how you’ll pay the credit cards later. It’s the thought that counts. Seriously, your kids will not remember what they got Christmas morning but they will remember the things you did as a family.
6. Make shopping easy: Plan ahead, make a list and stick to it. If you can shop a little at a time, instead of everything at once, it makes things less stressful.
7. Celebrate family: Schedule time for fun and relaxing time together. Put it on the calendar and make it a priority! Don’t let anything get in the way.
8. Create lasting memories: Think quality, not quantity. Be selective with your choices of activities. The small and simple things make the most lasting memories and you will cherish them forever.
9. No greedies: Steer the family’s focus toward the needs of others and how your family can give service. Help everyone to develop an attitude of gratitude instead of always wanting more!
10. Traditions: After you have decided what traditions that you love doing each year, if baking cookies is one of the traditions, you can buy a new cookie cutter each year and add it to the collection or etc… You get the picture.
Spending time with your family and making memories is the best present of all. Keep it simple!

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