Easy Halloween Dollar Store Decorations

Halloween Dollar Store Decorations


Halloween Dollar Store Decorations

Halloween Dollar Store Decorations

The other day, I decided I wanted to do the Dollar Store challenge for Halloween. I love how cheap things are at the store and go there for all my Young Women needs for personal progress. Halloween is a big holiday at our house and I had so much fun coming up with last minute decorating ideas that you can use around your house or for your Halloween parties!


Everything I used was from the Dollar store, except spray paint and the glue gun!

witches frame

I took a Dollar store frame and used black ribbon and a black rose. For my picture, I went onto Google Image and printed out a free ghoulish picture.

spider pumpkin

Spray paint goes a long way in helping decorate pumpkins.

party pumpkin 

The beads that I used, I found in the party section of the store!

party skeleton


I think he’s my favorite! Mr. Skeleton’s hat is a party horn that I sprayed painted black and the embellishment around his neck is the leaves from the roses.


miss thing

They have skeleton heads that are already glittered up at the store but they are smaller than these skeletons. I sprayed them with glitter and boy does that make a difference!

party animal

The party hat and horn was sprayed with paint and I used tissue paper for the accents.

something wicked

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing and you will be ready to have a fabulous Halloween!


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