Fun 20 Fall Instagram Worthy Family Activities

20 Fall Instagram Worthy Family Activities


20 Fall Instagram Worthy Family Activities


20 Fall Instagram Worthy Family Activities

I absolutely LOVE fall! You can feel it in the air and you can even smell the crisp flavors of fall. When summer comes along we are so excited because the kids are out of school and we know we have 3 months of family fun without the pressures of homework and normal routine!

In my opinion, fall can be just as fun and exciting as summer, we just have to be a little bit more organized.

We love our lists at Lou Lou Girls and hopefully this one will be fun for your cute family and your teens will think it’s Instagram and Snapchat worthy!

20 Fall Instagram Worthy Family Activities


1.  20 Family Instagram Pictures: We all love Instagram, even our kids love it! Document your fall adventures with a picture of each activity! Don’t take normal pictures, get creative and make it a memory!

2. State Fair Pie Contest: Let everyone in the family make their own pie and at the end give out the blue ribbons! Little munchkins can make pies with ingredients that are already prepared and they can put things together to create the award winning pie!

3. Pumpkin Hockey: Determine a starting line and a finish line. Set 2 pumpkins on their sides at the start and have the racers line up behind them. At “Go”, each pair of challengers uses brooms to hit the pumpkins over the finish line.

4. Apple Of My Eye: If you can, go pick some apples, if that’s not an option buy some at the store. It’s time to make my favorite treat…..Caramel apples! You can have several different toppings that the family can make their own gourmet apple! Here is our recipe: Caramel Apples!

5. Farmer’s Market: Our cute town has a farmer’s market each Saturday, and most areas do the same. Take the family to the market and let everyone pick something to buy and then take it home and make dinner as a family from your delicious finds.

20 Fall Instagram Worthy Family Activities

6. Light My Fire: Nothing pulls a family together like sitting around a fire! In Utah, we can be in the mountains in a few minutes but if that’s not a option, you can use a fire pit for your backyard! You can break out in song or tell some fun ghost stories.

7. Snack on S’mores: No place to build a fire? Place a marshmallow on a fork and roast it over the stove top! Woo Hoo! Yummy treat in minutes!

8. Corn Maze: A fall list wouldn’t be complete without the corn maze! This is fun for young and old alike!

9. Family Friendly Haunted House: I know, there are some haunted houses that are not good for young kids but there are some that are so fun to go through as a family! I have taken my kids to haunted houses since they were little and I think it is good for them to know that they have mom and dad there to protect them from the goblins!

10. Let’s Party!: Have a costume party for just your family! Make the invites and decorate just like any other party you would be hosting.

11. Monster Movie Marathon: A few years ago, I found some old scary movies that were made back in the 40’s and 50’s. Fun to watch with the kids because they aren’t that scary and you don’t have to worry about things that are inappropriate. Older kids will tell you that the movies are dumb but they will totally love them and ask to watch them with their friends later.

12. Enjoy The Colors: Walk, bike, hike or ride in the car, but go see the beautiful colors of the season!

13. Collect the Leaves: Collect the leaves from your adventures and make amazing art projects.

14. Ugly Sweater Contest: Most people do this at Christmas but you can have a contest of  your lovely finds from the local thrift store. Yes, you need some fabulous prizes from the Dollar Store!

15. Football: Get the family out on one of these beautiful fall days, young and old, and have a game of touch football! Start it out with a tailgate party!

16. Rent a Cabin: Take a weekend and have a mini vacay!

17. Pinecones: Take a ride in the mountains and collect some pinecones. You can roast the nuts and then make bird feeders out of the cones.

18. Bravo: Go to a local play! In Utah, we have The play “Dracula vs. The Mummy produced by OBT and “Thriller” by Odyssey Dance Theatre.

19. Camp in the Backyard: Put up the tent and have the whole family camp in the backyard! Your kids will never forget this!

20. Create: Create a sidewalk mural with chalk, using a fall theme.

20 Fall Instagram Worthy Family Activities

13 thoughts on “Fun 20 Fall Instagram Worthy Family Activities”

  1. awesome ideas!! they made me so excited to celebrate Fall 🙂 Do you have hayrides in Utah?? That is a big one on my list. In PA, many of the farms will take you on a hayride around the farm to see everything and some are even haunted. I'm adding the farmers market to my list though – thanks for that suggestion!

  2. Absolutely fantastic fall ideas! Thank you for sharing with OMHG Wordless Wednesday linky, we love having you every week!! Have a great weekend!! co-host Evija from @Fromevijawithlove xx

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