How To Make Your Own Baby Food

How To Make Your Own Baby Food

How To Make Your Own Baby Food


I didn’t set out to make my own baby food because I was running for organic mom of the month or anything like that. I actually thought it was kind of a dumb idea when I first thought of it. It looked like too much effort for something that was so cheap. But… then my husband and I decided to get serious about saving for a new house and I wanted to find ways to save a little more money. 

I was going to be spending about $30 a month on baby food, and all the pinterest tutorials were telling me I would only spend $5 a month and one hour of my time, so I decided to give it a try. Overall I spent about $11 and 2 1/2 hours of my time, but I think I have enough food to last two months and I’m not really a speed demon in the kitchen anyway. Plus I would suggest that you do this while your baby is napping… my mistake!

Overall I would definitely suggest doing this, especially if you enjoy cooking and want to save money.


How To Make Your Own Baby Food


4 apples
3 pears
3 sweet potatoes
25 baby carrots (or equivalent)
1 bag frozen green peas



1. Wash all produce.
2. Poke holes in your sweet potato and bake at 400 degrees until fork tender (about 30 minutes)
3. Meanwhile, cut out the cores of your apples and pears and cut into cubes. (I used an apple cutter) 
4. Simmer apples and pears on low until fork tender.
5. Bring carrots to a boil until fork tender. 
6. Heat green peas in microwave for 4 minutes.
7. After cooking each set of food, transfer the fruit/vegtable to a blender and puree.
8. Pour into ice cube trays, cover with foil and freeze for 3-4 hours.
9. Once frozen, transfer cubes into ziplock bags!

To feed your little one, microwave as many cubes as you need for about 30 seconds!



4 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Baby Food”

  1. I think the KEY advantage of making your own baby food is that you get to choose organic fruit and vegetables. And I would not radiate my baby food with a microwave. Does not take much longer in a little pan, and is so much healthier. That's just my 5 cts worth. Meanwhile, I acknowledge that it is completely Impossible to be a 'perfect mom'. The wisdom of being a mom is loving the 'imperfect process' of life. So, i won't mind if you throw my idea out of the window (hint).

  2. I used to do this for my little one. It was the best then we moved right to table food. and, that was over 5 years ago. No need for baby food jars filled with who knows what. (They're okay in a pinch but not for every day use.) Stick to real foods and your kids will have a pleasing palate. I pinned this to my Coterie Wellness board because I'll be pointing back to this resource when I teach my Mom & Baby Nutrition classes starting in August. Easy to follow directions for a first time mama too! *Bonus* points for that! =)

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