Easy Crunch Berry Treats

Crunch Berry Treats





My kids LOVE cereal, more than anything in the world. They would eat it for every meal if I would let them. The biggest kid in our family loves it the most though, and that would be my hubby. Oh how he loves cereal.

His mom would only let him eat sugary cereal on Sundays, so I’m pretty sure he’s rebelling now by eating sugary cereal whenever he wants. Because of my hubby’s rebellion, I have little control over the amount of cereal in our home, and most of the treats we enjoy include cereal in some way. Here is my hubby’s latest cereal creation…


Crunch Berry Treat

3 T butter

1 package (10 oz., about 40) JET-PUFFED Marshmallows

6 cups of Crunch Berry Cereal




Use a large microwave bowl to melt butter and marshmallows in 30 second intervals, stirring frequently. Add cereal, stir and pour into a buttered cake pan. Let cool and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Easy Crunch Berry Treats”

  1. I am still crazy about cereal! Do you happen to remember those Trix Cereal & Milk bars? I loved them so much, but then at some point I think they stopped making them. If you could make a copycat recipe, that would be amazing!

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