20 Amazing Father’s Day Gift Ideas

20 Amazing Father’s Day Gift Ideas


20 Amazing Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is just around the corner! Face it, sometimes men are so hard to shop for! At least at my house! My hubby always says he doesn’t want anyone to get him anything because he doesn’t want them to spend money but you can’t do that because you know secretly he is still a little kid that loves presents!

Plus, he is an Awesome dad that deserves to be spoiled! Lately he has been giving out a few hints of things he might like, and I had a little help from Ben.


20 Amazing Father’s Day Gift Ideas


1. Gorilla Tape: When I asked Ben why? He told me that every man needed a roll!

2. Anything with the Craftsman Label: Most men love tools! My husband will go in a store and just drool looking at the tools. Even ones that he will never need!

3. Paintball Gun: You can find ones that are pretty cheap but they will gum up easily. You can find descent ones in the classifies.

4. Hidden Talent?: Is there an artist just waiting to bust out of your hubby?? Seriously, is there something that he has always wanted to try and hasn’t? You could make him a great gift box full of supplies of his next new venture!

5. Man Cave Door: Your hubby will love this and you will too! It makes his space cool and you don’t have to look at the man cave!


20 Amazing Father’s Day Gift Ideas


6. Dollar Shave Club: This is really easy! They have 3 cheap plans that you can sign up for and your dad gets a new razor each month! Click here for Dollar Shave Club!

7. Chili’s Gift Card: They have special event  nights set up that you can take your father out on a date!

8. Whatever John Wayne Movie He doesn’t Have: Matter of fact, it could be any “MAN” movie!

9. Benchmade Pocket Knife: I don’t know why, I have just been told it’s cool! Prices start at $27.00 and up. Click here for Benchmade

10. Remote Control Helicopter with Missiles: Again, I don’t know why, it’s a guy thing! Click here for the Helicopter

11. Omaha Steaks: We have ordered my father in law steaks and shrimp before and he loves it! It comes in a cooler with dry ice, right to their door step!  Click here for your steaks!

12. Yard Work Without Being Told: How great would it be for your dad to come home and the lawn is already mowed? I know a dad that would love this!

13 Finish a Half Done Project: Is there a project around your dad’s house that is only half done? Finish it! 

14. Harry and David: When my husband was living in Iowa and we were still in Utah, I ordered him a cake and had it delivered to him. It came in a cooler, packed in dry ice. He thought this was the coolest thing ever. They have awesome salsa packages too! Check out Harry and David!

15. Cloud 9 Experiences: This site is really awesome! They have different experiences in different areas of the country. Race car driving, golf lessons, Hot air balloon rides and more! I love giving memories! Click here for your Cloud 9 Experience.

16. Wash and Detail His Car: He would love it if  his car was sparkling! You could wash it yourself or buy him a gift certificate.

17. National Park Pass: My Zac, isn’t a father yet but he loves to hike and be outdoors. For a couple of his birthdays, I have purchased a season pass to the National Parks. The price is $80 and well worth the money, if your hubby or dad loves the great outdoors! Click here to get your pass!

18. Yeti Cooler:  Is your guy a real outdoorsman? This is the cooler for you! Built to last in any situation. They are a little pricey, starting at $249.00, but most of the reviews are 5 stars! Get Your Yeti here!

19. Grill Accessories: Most men love to grill! Men love grill accessories, like women love jewelry!

20. Cool Shades: If your husband is like mine, he buys the ugliest pair of cheap sunglasses from the gas station . This is your chance to find some that would look amazing on your guy!


20 Amazing Father’s Day Gift Ideas


18 thoughts on “20 Amazing Father’s Day Gift Ideas”

  1. Awesome gift ideas! I am always trying to find new ideas for Father's Day each year. Thank you for sharing this wonderful ideas with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop!

  2. These are some great ideas for all days! Hubby loves grilling. I wonder if we will be able to get one for him soon. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful ideas with us at the Creative Style Linkup!

  3. These are some great ideas but I'm still trying to figure out Mother's Day! I wanted to thank you for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party every week…I truly appreciate it!

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