Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas

Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas

Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas

Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas

This year has been a year of weddings, between me, my cousins and some of my best friends we have had wedding after wedding. So I asked everyone what there favorite wedding gifts were and if there was anything that they didn’t get that they wish they had. I’m not going to lie, Matt and I got spoiled and we loved all our gifts! As I am sure so did everyone I asked but here are our top ten!


Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas

10. BBQ Grill – My cousin said she got this and that they use it all the time which automatically equals greatness!

9. Kitchen Small stuff – Measuring cups, measuring spoons, serving spoons, utensils, spatulas, wooden spoons, rags, hand towels, bowls, cups, cheese grater, strainer and etc. Be creative and there really is nothing too small, everything helps.

8. Waffle Maker – We got a sweet Belgium waffle maker that we use all the time that we absolutely love!

7. Cleaning Supplies – Windex, toilet cleaner, pine sol, scrubbing brushes, dish soap, dish scrubbers, garbage bags, broom, mop, rags, toilet bowl scrubber, and etc. They are things that you forget that you need until you need them.

6. Cooking Basics – I got a bag full of this! It included: Flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, pepper, spices, brown sugar, vanilla and etc. This was great for a newly wed couple because we had the stuff to make waffles when we first moved into our house!

5. Fondue Pot – This is a fun idea, someone got this and they do chocolate fondue all the time. Just something fun and different!

4. Dutch Oven – Seriously, who would not love a dutch oven?! We were stoked when we got this, because we love to camp! Other camping things you could get: hot dog roasting sticks, cooler, camp chairs, mini stove, briquettes, bug spray and etc.

3. Quilts – These take a lot of time and effort and love! They keep us warm in the winter and we LOVE them!!! We got 2 home made quilts and tons of blankets which was awesome!!

2. Rice Cooker – Um… who knew rice could taste so good?! I did, but Matt didn’t. He was like do you think we’ll use this and I am here to tell you, we do, ALL the time!! Great Gift!

1. Laundry Kit – My cute aunts got me this and it has been awesome! They gave us 2 cute pictures, an ironing board, iron, detergent, shout, fabric softener, bleach, dryer sheets, laundry baskets, clothing sorter and I think that’s it but I wouldn’t be surprised if I left something out. It was awesome!

Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas

Like I said we loved all of our gifts and felt super blessed! Thank you to all of you who came to our wedding! Here are a few ideas that my mom and sisters have also given.

Family Home Evening Kit – If you go to Seagull Book they have a family home evening book for Newly Weds and we get that put it in a mixing bowl with cookie mix, cookie cutters, scissors, tape, markers, and sprinkles.

Dutch Oven Kit – A Dutch oven, spices, cook book, Dutch oven gloves and briquettes.

Camping Kit – Cooler, camp chairs, roasting sticks, bug spray and a lantern.

Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas

Just remember, be creative and the simple stuff is always the stuff that they need!! Have a great Friday!!!

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