How to Make Picture Frames Shabby Chic

How to Make Picture Frames Shabby Chic




Cassie’s wedding is just right around the corner and preparation is in full swing! The theme of the wedding is “Shabby Chic” and we have had lots of fun getting ready for the big event.

Cassie wants to display pictures at the reception and we needed frames that look the part. We are doing this wedding on a small budget, since my husband was out of work for almost a year. You can use these steps for frames or any other furniture items that need a little shabby chic touch.


We found frames around the house that we were not using, and we also purchased several from the Dollar Store. We found that the cheaper frames worked better for our project.


Take a piece of sand paper and rough up the surface of your frame.



We picked two different colors of paint to use on the frame. Paint the frame with the first color. Cassie’s has chosen tan and yellow for her wedding, so we started with the tan. Let dry completely!!!


After the frame has dried, take wax and cover the areas of the frame that you want to look distress. We used candles from the Dollar Store. We found that it’s better to put tons of wax on the frame. You can’t go wrong with this, so don’t worry!


Paint the frame with the other color that you have chosen. Let dry completely! Take the sand paper and rub against the frame. You will find that the wax spots will come off easily and reveal the tan paint. Super easy project and the frames look great!!!


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