Girls Love Pirate Parties Too

Girls Love Pirate Parties Too


Girls Love Pirate Parties Too


We are getting ready to celebrate Lisa’s 11th birthday and trying to find unique ideas for a tween party and I ran across pictures from Lisa’s 9th birthday! When she told me that she wanted a pirate party, I was afraid the girls who attended the party wouldn’t be as excited as “my girl”.

Well, I was totally wrong!!!! My advice to you when your getting ready for your child’s birthday is to come up with a theme. This makes planning so easy!

Invitations: We found little treasure chests at the craft store and our invitation was on a map. You should of seen the girl’s faces when we delivered them to their houses! You can find maps on Google image and insert the writing on top of the image.
We asked the girl’s to dress the part. I didn’t know how that would go, but as you can see, all the of them dressed up and loved it!


Girls Love Pirate Parties Too

Its great to have an activity when the guests are arriving. Little pirates love to paint toe nails and fingernails! I laid out garbage bags on my floor to protect it. I purchased manicure sets and nail polish from the Dollar Store. It gives the guests a chance to get to know each other a little better!



The cake was our centerpiece. The cake was made with cake and rice krispie treats. You can find the recipe on how to make the fondant on our site. I love music! I love to play music that goes with the theme of the party, so of course, we played a “Pirates life for me”.


Girls Love Pirate Parties Too

I love to have everything ready when the girl’s arrive! I found the tableware at Birthday Express. The placemats are cool because they have games on the back, so when you are trying to get the food ready, it keeps them busy.

I buy the plates and tablecloths at Wal-Mart because they are so much cheaper.

Food:We let the girls make their own personal pizzas! You can purchase the crust at the store or you can cook some Pillsbury biscuits that you have stretched out, ahead of time. We had bowls full of toppings and let the girls create their own pizza! Then you can pop them in the oven, just long enough to melt the cheese. We also made fruit kabobs and kids love them!!!!



Games: I always love to have a craft for the kids to do. I found these cute little treasure chests on Oriental Trading Company. I had a separate area set up and ready to go for them to do their craft. We used paint, stickers, and jewels to decorate. They loved doing this activity so much that I had to hurry them a little, so we could do the other games!

Lisa’s birthday is in December, so sometimes its hard to decide what games to do, but we still did a treasure hunt around the house. I gave them a clue to start and then when they would find the next clue it would direct them to the next spot. The treasure box was full of goodies!

Walking the plank: We had a 2 by 4 board in the garage and gave two pirates a blow up sword (you could even use pillows). The object of the game is to stay on the board and make the other pirate fall off the board.



Remember, it to take pictures! They grow up so fast and it is so fun to look back.

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