Fun Rainbow Horse Party

Rainbow Horse Party


Rainbow Horse Party! My sweet Gracie Kay turned 4 this month! I can’t believe how quick kids grow up! It is so fun creating a birthday for a child this age. They get so excited for anything and everything you do for them and the joy on their face is worth all the hours and time it takes to create a birthday like this for them.


Rainbow Horse Party


Rainbow Horse Party

Momma Kim has always been a huge fan of spoiling the heck out of her children! Click here if you missed her post about the first day of school celebration. If you’re thinking, “No one does that all the time for their kids!” then you don’t know Momma Kim. The Lewis kids were all spoiled rotten. So now I have a tradition… no a duty to uphold, to spoil my children rotten too!

Of course, we really care about manners and discipline too, but you’re only a child for a few small years and if you can make your kids feel special on their birthday you should! That’s my philosophy anyway.

Okay, enough with the chitter chatter, on to the goods for this party.
Gracie loves horses and rainbows so we decided to combine the two. We started by making these adorable Jello Rainbow treats.


Horse-Rainbow-Party (7)

And this Fruit Rainbow… We used pineapple, plums, blackberries, grapes, kiwi, peaches, and marshmallows. I think the kids loved this more than the treats, and so did I!


Horse-Rainbow-Party (6)


Gracie wanted her guests to dine on ‘real horsey food’ so we made these adorable haystack cakes. We just used a bread pan to bake the cake, cut the cake into rectangles, dyed some coconut yellow, frosted the cakes with yellow frosting, rolled it in the coconut, and wrapped them with Fruit Roll Ups. My hubby thought these were especially delicious, since coconut is his favorite!


Horse-Rainbow-Party (2)


I found the rainbow-colored banner at Walmart, along with the plates, and the napkins. I just used some multi-colored Washi tape to make the Happy Birthday on a poster.


Horse-Rainbow-Party (4)


We made WAY TOO MUCH food for this party of small 4-year-olds, but it was really fun to see their faces when they walked in. They wanted to try everything! We even had a horseshoe shaped pizza for them to enjoy!


Horse-Rainbow-Party (11)


We invited the girls to the party with these cute invitations that the hubster made. Who says men can’t be creative? He’s a keeper ladies!


Horse-Party-Invitations (2)Horse-Party-Invitations (3)


Finally, we had these cute home-made rainbow horse tails for each girl to take home. They were all so happy to have their own gift!

Horse-tail-dress-up  Rainbow-horse-tail-dress-up

Rainbow Horse Party

I’ll show you how we made these cute dress ups tomorrow!
At the end of the day we had a lot of food leftover, but we had a really happy girl and that’s all that matters!



8 thoughts on “Fun Rainbow Horse Party”

    1. Brandi, It's simple but time consuming. I just made one batch of jello at a time and divided it between 8 cups. I let them set up in the fridge until they were firm and continued to added new colors/flavors on top, one at a time until each one was firm enough to add another to the top. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Those haystacks are hilarious. I love how literal kids have to be when pretending. I hear from my kids all the time how whatever I've given them doesn't look right. I love how you made it work. Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday link party.

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