Fun Top 10 Family Reunion Ideas

Top 10 Family Reunion Ideas


Top 10 Family Reunion Ideas! This year I got to help plan one of our family reunions and I got a taste for how much work it is. So I decided to post some of my favorite family reunion traditions so that someone else can have an easier time planning!

Top 10 Family Reunion Ideas

Top 10 Family Reunion Ideas

1. Talent Show

The little kids love it, the teens (pretend their way too cool but really…) love it, and the adults love it. We keep this low key, so no one feels pressure to do something outrageous. We have talents ranging from toddlers shaking it to Dads’ arm wrestling each other. We usually choose a teen to be the MC, and part of their job is to go around peer pressuring people to participate. It gathers the family together, helps you get to know one another better, and fills the evening with laughter.

2. Water Fight

This is a must in my family. Most our reunions take place in the summer so all we have to do is bring some guns, buckets, or cups and it usually starts itself.

3. Volleyball

A volleyball net is super cheap and can provide SO much entertainment! It’s great because it can be fun with a few or a lot of people. You can play volleyball, badmitten, water volleyball, balloon toss, partner volleyball, sitting volleyball, feet-only volleyball, beach-ball volleyball, and so much more!

4. Home Videos

This is one of my favorites! You can do this formally or just leave a TV playing with home videos of previous reunions or other family gatherings. Everyone loves to see themselves as well as laugh at how ridiculous their Moms looked in the 80’s.

Top 10 Family Reunion Ideas

5. Cousin Sleep Over

Save room and headaches by allowing all the cousins of similar ages to sleep in the same room. This helps build relationships and gives the parents a break for the evening. 

6. Nerf Gun Wars

Nerf guns are a must-bring or else you die trying to escape. Sometimes the girls sneak off and paint toenails when the guns come out, but we’re also really good at teaming up and taking the heat.

7. Award Ceremony

On the final evening we usually have an awards ceremony where we give out candy/certificates and find things to relate them to like “best sunburn” or “cuddliest couple”. It gets everyone laughing and helps everyone secure the memories before it’s all over.

8. Harmless Reoccurring Pranks

Traditions make family reunions something to look forward to. Ever since I can remember, at the opening reunion dinner my cousins and I have found some way to get salt into my cousin Chance’s drink. The whole family watches for it to happen and can’t wait to see his reaction when we finally accomplish it.

9. Grandma and Grandpa’s Breakfast

Don’t forget to include your Grandma and Grandpa’s talents in the events. My Grandpa loves to cook a traditional breakfast for us at every family reunion and we each look forward to a certain part of it. For me, it’s his scrambled eggs. Mmmm!!

10. Family Prayer

It’s a blessing to have a family, and it’s a special moment to have a prayer all together. It reminds everyone what family is all about!

Top 10 Family Reunion Ideas

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