Lou Lou Girls

We are Kim Lewis and Cassie Reese, the founders of LouLouGirls.com and your new besties for helping you create a happy home. We love to cook, we love to play, and we love to work with our fans to create easy and unique recipes and activities that will help your family flourish and make you look like a superstar! We are pumped that you found our mecca and hope that you have as good of a time looking around as we’ve had creating this dreamy space.

We are from Spanish Fork, UT and started Lou Lou Girls five years ago. Through lots of work and brainstorming and taste-testing (can I get a witness?!), we’ve been able to gather all of our go-to recipes, party-planning ideas and family management tips and tricks into one easy-to-use site.

Our main goal in creating LouLouGirls.com is to provide big-sister support for all of your family ‘stuff’ – you know the cooking dinner, birthday party, make it healthier, what do we do on a rainy Saturday kind of stuff. We are so excited about all that we’ve been able to bring to you by way of delicious recipes (you are going to need to try our Barbeque Brisket Burt Ends or our Keto Jerk Chicken… NEED TO. Go. Do it.), fun family activities and general ‘helps’ for your home that you can easily work into your daily routine. We love that we get to learn and create and explore and we hope that that radiates from our site right out of your screen.

Click around. Check out some of our favorite activities and tips. And if you have to make a loaf of our Crumbled Pumpkin Bread while you’re perusing, we will NOT blame you. Tell us what you think and keep us posted on your successes; we LOVE interacting with our visitors and hope to continue to build a community that you’ll find helpful and fun. If you have questions, holler. We’ve been there and we’ve got your back!

Thanks again for stopping in, Kim and Cassie