Cassie’s Friday Favorites

Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week once again! Here are the things we love, we need, and what we can’t live without! Cassie’s Friday Favorites are here. 


Friday Favorites


Cassie’s Friday Favorites


Zipper Mack Nod & Winks Kid's Bedding Light Tan Trucks, POLYESTER, Toddler, Beige


Favorite #1 – Beddy’s Nod and Winks – We love this bedding! It’s easy for the kids make their own bed. They love it because they can just zip it up!  They are nice and they just stretch over the mattress!

Zipper Bedding by Nod & Winks is a revolutionary bedding product that allows you to zip your bed to make it! Kids love the sense of accomplishment they get when they can make their bed themselves every day. And parents love building good habits while having tidy rooms throughout the house.

Our zipper bedding for kids sets works perfectly in tight spaces like bunk beds and corner beds, keeping your kids cozy in our super soft, all-in-one piece bedding. Also, the patented comfort panels extend so your little one will never feel the zipper.





Favorite #2 – Saranoni Stretchy Swaddles – I love the stretchy swaddles! Usually I get Memeeno swaddles but someone gave me one of these! I love these just as much! Nothing gets the kids to sleep when they are gassy or colicky!




Cassie’s Friday Favorites


Favorite #3 – Smallwoods – I love these frames! They are so cute and they are some of the cheaper ones that I have looked at. They have great deals! They totally go with my decor! They have framed, canvas prints and so much more. You should check out their page!



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Favorite #4 – Chloey’s Do Of The Day on Instagram – I’ve been looking online for hair ideas for Ellie! I am looking for everyday hairdos that are quick and easy but still different. There are a lot of elaborate hairdos for kids, but Ellie won’t sit still that long since she’s only two. This page has a lot of really cute ones!


Cassie’s Friday Favorites

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