Cassie’s Friday Favorites

Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week once again, here’s a list of the things we love, we need and what we can’t live without! Cassie’s Friday Favorites are here for you.



Cassie’s Friday Favorites

Cassie's Friday Favorites


CRZ YOGA Women's Naked Feeling Biker Shorts - 3'' / 4'' / 6'' / 8'' / 10'' High Waisted Yoga Workout Running Spandex Shorts



Favorite #1 – CRZ Yoga Women’s Biker Shorts – These shorts are my absolute favorite. I have lulu lemon pants and I love them, believe I do. I love these more. Mainly because they $20 and they last forever, I think they have lasted better than my lulu’s and I’m not mad about it because I have an excuse to buy more pairs. 



Favorite #2 – Gofunon Switch Controller – We bought this Miles themed controller for Greyson because we needed another controller so that we could all play together. This one is awesome and we all fight over it. It’s a little smaller and easier to handle for those of us with small hands. It’s just a nice controller. 






Favorite #3 – Bentgo Prep – 60 Piece Meal Prep Containers – I’ve been getting ready for the school year and we needed new containers. I love love love these. they are high quality. Hold a good amount of food and have 3 options of how to separate your food! I’m going to love these.



Replacement Straws for Stanley 40 30oz Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler 6Pack, YOELIKE Reusable Clear Straws with Cleaning Brush, Compatible with Stanley Cup Mug Accessories



Favorite #4 – Replacement Straws  40 oz Stanley Mug – Ellie loves to carry around my mug and drink from it all the time. Well she dropped it directly on the straw, not sure how that even happens. It shattered the straw. Like it’s was crazy, these are super awesome replacements.


Cassie’s Friday Favorites

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