Kimberly’s Friday Favorites

Kimberly’s Friday Favorites

Hello Friday! Hello February! Today it’s a little warmer here, not much, but I will take it! We at least got through January and I can feel that Spring is just around the corner! My favorite!


You know the drill, sit back, kick up your feet, relax, and grab that Diet Coke! It’s time for Kimberly’s Friday Favorites!


Friday Favorites #fridayfavs #productreviews

Kimberly’s Friday Favorites

Collections – Solight Design


so-light design

How cool is this?  A great way to have light for all your outdoor activities!

Light Sensor

The light will turn on by itself at dusk and turn off at dawn. Press 3 seconds to toggle back an forth bewteen Manual mode and Light Sensor Mode. *Light Sensor not available on Multicolor SolarPuff


Waterproof cube when open, protection IP68

45-90 Lumens

Of continuous lightning with 8-10 hours of charging during the day. *Multicolor SolarPuff has 6 Happy Colors for Color Therapy lighting.



Who remember these? When I was a kid I thought they were so cool! I decided that this would be my valentine for my grandkids!



SOUR PATCH KIDS Black Raspberry Sour Hearts Soft & Chewy Valentines Day Candy


Good thing that my grandkids don’t read the blog! lol!! I love when I can find a holiday version of a candy they love! Since I am blessed with so many grandkids, this works me! 12 boxes!




Flix Candy Valentines Day Glittery Sparkle Kissy Lip Pops


Again, this is my grandkids! Every time I give them lips, they go totally crazy over them! Did I mention that these are glittery? You can get them before Valentines day!


Fuinloth Women's Padded Vest, High Stand Collar Lightweight Zip Crop Puffer Gilet


Fuinloth Women’s Padded Vest, High Stand Collar Lightweight Zip Crop Puffer Gilet


I haven’t purchased this yet but I have been told that it’s super popular on Tiktok. My 20 year old would love this and it’s 18% off right now!!

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