Cassie’s Friday Favorites

Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week once again, here are the things we love, we need, and what we simply can not live with out! Cassie’s Friday Favorites are finally here!


Friday Favorites


Cassie’s Friday Favorites

FoodSaver Multi-Use Vacuum Sealing and Food Preservation System | Costco


Favorite #1 – Food Saver Vacuum Sealer – I like to have extra meat in the freezer because I don’t love to go shopping. We used to go all the time because it was Matt’s way to get out of the house after working all day in the house. Now that we have three children for some reason we don’t love to go as much, not sure why that has changed they are pretty well behaved.

I used to just take the meat from Costco and throw it in a Ziploc freezer bag but it would always get freezer burned. Matt bought this last year and I have been horrible at using it. Then I actually started to use it and I have found a few perks. One that the meat is keep better, two my freezer looks less messy and it only takes a few minutes longer than the Ziploc bags.





Favorite #2 – T-Rex Jumbo Floor PuzzleI got Sawyer this puzzle for Valentine’s day and I mean it said jumbo but I didn’t really realize how jumbo it was. I also got Grey a puzzle for the same cost and it was significantly smaller. This puzzle is awesome! It’s two sided it has the T-Rex skeleton on the other side. It’s foam so Ellie can’t ruin it even if she bites it, which currently is a phase for her. we love this puzzle.





Favorite #3 – Rubberized Superhero Slap Bracelets – We got these as prizes for the Grey’s Valentine’s party and they are super cool and high quality. The kids loved them and they weren’t that expensive! Highly recommend.



Bachan's | The Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce – Bachan's


Favorite #4 – Japanese Barbecue Sauce – We got this at Costco too, I know that’s hard to believe since we “never” go there. Seriously we do not need another sauce in our fridge, but I will make time for this over and over again. Super good, I love teriyaki and this gives me that all those vibes!


Cassie’s Friday Favorites

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