Making New Year’s Goals

Making New Year’s Goals


Making New Year’s Goals and actually sticking to them can be difficult. Here are some tips on ways to help you reach your goals.


Making New Year's Goals


Making New Year’s Goals

A lot of the time when we are making goals we are too vague in what we want to do. I want to work out more. Well what does more really look like? Are we working out at all? How much more? When do you plan to do this and what does it really look like?

The key is to make SMART goals, we talk about this a lot as teachers and trying to help our students set goals and achieve them. SMART stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. When we set goals we need to make sure that they are SMART in that will help us see the goal clearly and then take steps to actually achieve our goals.


The Importance of Setting SMART Goals


Once we set our smart goals what are some ways to help us stay on task? You could create a vision board to help you see your goal everyday and remind you of what you want and why you want it. Many people will do these with pictures or words and place the board somewhere where they will look at it each day. 

Writing down your goals is an important step to committing to your goal. If it’s written down you are more likely to do it.

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Find people who can support you in achieving your goal. Kind of someone to hold you responsible for your choices. Typically it can be hard to stick to goals if we don’t have anyone but ourselves to answer to. Even though it seems odd that we need to commit if we really want change, but for some reason peer pressure makes it so much easier to reach our goal.

Recognize our bad influences. If you want to have less screen time, recognize when you tend to be on your phone most and find an alternative to fill that time with something else. We bought a bunch of games we can play with our kids in order to spend more time with them and replace screen time.


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Making New Year’s Goals

Be willing to adjust. If you can see that you will not be able to reach your goal, that’s okay. No one is perfect and no one reaches their goals 100% of the time. It’s okay to pivot. As we learn, grow and live our lives things change, priorities change and as long as you are trying to be better, that’s good. Continual improvement is important to progressing and becoming the person we want to be.

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Celebrate your successes no matter how small they may seem. If you celebrate you are more likely to keep going. Life is all around more happy if you recognize a job well done. When you have someone to be accountable to, you can celebrate little wins together! It’s so much fun!

Stick to things that work for you. Just because it works for someone else, it does not mean it will work for you. You have to do you. It’s awesome to have friends that have been successful, we know your goal is reachable, you have to do it your way. Nothing is one size fits all, do what you like and what works for you or else you won’t reach your goal because you don’t love what you are doing.



YOU ARE AMAZING! You can do anything you put your mind to. Life is hard, everyone has different roadblocks, some are out of our control. Control what you can, and believe that you can do it. You can always pivot. You are in control. Bet on YOU!

Making New Year’s Goals

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